YOU. This is a movement for fans, by fans to build a better Land of 10,000 Graps. When you’re out at a show, tweeting about your favorite wrestlers to see, instagramming pics with your crew,  supporting local promotions, use the #MNDIYwrestling hashtag so we can see it. We will be working with local promotions, wrestlers, supporters, photographers, podcasters, and patrons of independent wrestling to help curate content by taking a DIY, crowdsourcing approach and hope you’ll join in the fun.


James Wheeler is the coordinator of MNDIY Wrestling and also produces content as one of the Co-Hosts of Heel Turn Radio and Producer of Dive Club + Framed. You can find him out at the shows most weekends or going on walks with the Heel Turn Hound: Huey Woofington. He loves a good interview, Bar Luchador, and Mr. Perfect.


Nick Caron is a professional wrestling fan of 30-plus years, current fantasy football columnist and former mixed martial arts Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report. You might see him at shows around the Twin Cities with his young daughter Madelyn and you can find him on Facebook or Twitter.

Ryan Franson is a fan about town and moonlights as the Ultimate Worrier: co-host of Dive Club. He has Sami Zayn’s hat, Kevin Owens heart, and the snark of a much shorter man. He’s so excited for Super Slam and eventually will be revealed to have been Eva Marie the whole time.

14595717_10154536167358771_6105443076102198429_n-e1493506042901.jpgJohn Frederickson is the brains behind State of Pro Wrestling which is devoted to local, regional, national, and international competition and promotion of the art of wrestling.


Dive Club Header Black
Dive Club is a monthly meet-up/podcast talking taps n’ graps at the best dive bars in MSP with your hosts  , and Miss JL. Find them on Twitter at @DiveClubMN.

18155803_1762038097154521_6141123877413369706_o-e1493490751335.jpgHeel Turn Radio is the official podcast of The League of Extraordinary Wrestling Gentlepeople, Inc. (LEWGI). Currently presented in a one hour downloadable and streamed format, we discuss the sport of professional wrestling’s past, present, and future.

knockedoutentertainmentlogo2018.jpgKnocked Out Entertainment produces a series of podcasts including Are We Rolling, Wrestling Pursuit, and Wrestling Retcon with a host of hosts including Kyle Olson, Dustin Monson, and Rob Page.

Skullbuster Wrestlecast
Brothers first…Wrestling Fans second. Jason and Tom Skull give you some news, some opinions and some reflection on the world of professional wrestling.