Northern Lights Wrestling – 1029 Bar – 08/19/2017
Rapid Review by Razzlin’ Rick

Ace Spade vs. Butchie Davis

Butchie did his usual goofy routine and the crowd ate it up. He started the match by biting Spade on his rear end. Before I knew what happened, Butchie got a pinfall and the match was over in two minutes. Ace told me later they wanted a quick opener and that’s what we got.

Northern Light Heavyweight Champion Ian Xavier came to the ring for a promo. Since he’s from Canada, he cut down the USA. Buddah came out and challenged Xavier for the title. Shimdog (Ian’s “X-Men” tag team partner) came to the ring and both men beat down Buddah. Aaron Corbin ran out for the save. They argued and Ian suggested a tag team match with the stipulations that if the X-Men lose, the pinning opponent wins the NLW Championship, but if the X-Men win, both Buddah and Corbin retire from wrestling in any promotion. Corbin and Buddah agree and the Main Event is set!

Jake Taylor with Adam Drake vs. Cooter

This match starts with a bunch of comedy spots. Cooter grabbed Taylor by the nipples and tossed him into the corner. He then tried a pinfall with Taylor laying on his stomach. After some more rubber offense by Cooter, Taylor finally gets on the offensive. Drake is on the outside to offer interference on Taylor’s behalf. Cooter executes an armdrag, a hiptoss, and a dropkick on Taylor but misses a headbutt from the second rope. Taylor wins the match after a swinging neckbreaker. Cooter retaliates by employing his duck.

Ann Brookstone vs. Diva Rose
Ann did a great job ripping on the crowd all during her match. Diva Rose was pretty much silent. Before the match Ann explained that two months ago she broker her back and her rookie opponent had better not touch her back. Ann carried out her usual bunch of dirty tricks like hanging her opponent upside down in the ropes and stomping on her. Ann got Rose into a Boston Crab type move and she rammed her head into the bottom turnbuckle. Rose got in some offense but Ann would keep complaining that she touched her back. Rose hit three clotheslines. Ann complained her back was hurting and she crawled to the middle of the ring where she gave Diva Rose a low blow and rolled her up for the win. Ann told the crowd, “Remember, you can win by cheating. Cheating is good!”

Northern Lights Championship Match
Jonny Goldengate (c)  vs. Zero Kincade vs. Tommy “Spiderbaby” Saturday
Goldengate came down to the ring and introduced his own diva, Mrs. Ass. Goldengate conspires with Spiderbaby to work with him and eliminate Kincade. Zero answers their dual attack with a double clothesline. Goldengate bails outside. He stays outside until SPiderbaby gets the advantage over Kincade, then he entered and lands a big legdrop on Zero. Jonny whips Kincade into the corner but Spiderbaby is caught between Kincade and the ringpost. Spiderbaby is knocked silly. Goldengate thinks he has defeated Kincade but Spiderbaby (still in a daze) falls onto Kincade and the ref counts 1-2-3. Johnny Goldengate is stunned when the referee awards the Midwest belt to Tommy “Spiderbaby” Saturday!

Arik Cannon vs. Corey O’Neill
This match started with Cannon’s usual great mat wrestling and exchanges with O’Neill. Action later tumbled to the outside with Cannon and O’Neill trading LOUD chops and punches among the crowd. Finally, back in the ring, Arik balances Corey in a stalling suplex  for 15 seconds before dropping him to the mat. He then got O’Neill’s legs over the second ropes in the corner and landed a hard kick to the family jewels. O’Neill recovered and performed the patented O’Neill series of offensive moves ending with an elbowdrop for a 2 count. Cannon planted a boot to Corey’s face and a legdrop for a 2 count. Corey kicked out Cannon’s legs from under him and then landed a big kick to Arik’s head leading to the victory.

Tag Team Main Event for the NLW Heavyweight Championship
X-Dogs (Ian Xavier/Shimdog) vs. Buddah/Aaron Corbin

Corbin and Xavier started the match with Ian’s strength dominating Corbin early. Corbin tags in Buddah but then Xavier tags Shimdog and Ian bails out of the ring. Shimdog and Buddah trade armbars and Buddah tags Corbin. By making quick tags, they isolate Shimdog. The Action spills outside and when Corbin holds Shimdog’s arms a very young fan punches Shimdog in the stomach. Corbin drags Shimdog to the other side of the ring and a 90 year old woman slaps Shimdog in the face. Back in the ring, SHimdog finally tags Xavier. Ian choes out Corbin. Quick tags by the X-Men. Shimdog rakes Corbin’s eyes down the top rope. Corbin is isolated and he can’t get a tag to Buddah. When he finally gets a tag, the referee is distracted and doesn’t see it. Finally a tag is made to Buddah and Corbin goes outside the ring to disable Shimdog by ramming his head into a nearby chair. Ian tries to hit Buddah with the Championship Title but Budah blocks it. Corbin comes into the ring and both men DDT Xavier’s head onto the Title that is still laying in the ring. Buddah makes the cover and is the NEW NLW Heavyweight Champion!

After the match both Xavier and Shimdog attacked referee Ricky Reed and vowed to the crowd that they would return and win back the Championship gold.

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