New Year, New Countdown

Welcome back to the third MNDIY 50 Countdown. We’re doing things a little different this year with a Preview to kick things off and a Review to wrap things up. The countdown will happen over the next week similar to 2018. Following a tumultuous year in the MNDIY scene we had a lot of conversation about what the website and social media for MNDIY should be doing to best support the continued success of the Minnesota wrestling landscape and have decided on a fundamental shift away from highlighting promotions and focus more on the wrestlers. We’ve started that process by taking promoters out of the mix for the #MNDIY50 in order to focus on peer-based nomination and voting. We’ve opted for more of a Pro Bowl style voting system where wrestlers will be voting for their peers as well as having a forum of Senior Officials and Media representatives vote as well to fill out our 32 Ballots. Wrestlers were selected from last year’s Top 50 and range across the scene and the rankings. With the new influx of talent in 2019, there were 80 qualifying wrestlers on the ballot compiled from regular competitors in MN-based promotion’s bookings and results as well as Title holders for regularly running promotions. With only 50 spots, there is a lot of fan favorites that may not have made the list this year. With a continued infusion of talent wrestling for local promotions as well as new Academy Graduates including Shane Black, The System, Damon Spriggle, Darius Williams, X, Koda Jacobs, Paul Virk, and Bill Williams, the roster of wrestlers that are regularly competing in Minnesota is expanding and shifting. Some are venturing out to other states, some are winding down their careers, and as has happened in the past, we will see some of our most talented rising stars move on to bigger stages. We encourage you, regardless of where your favorite wrestlers fall on this list to keep supporting them in their endeavor to bring you the best wrestling they can each night and hope that you can discover some new favorites on the #MNDIY50 this year!

Example of Countdown Layout featuring 2019, 2018, and 2017 rank as well as Total Points in 2019 out of 1600.

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