+ Air Wolf def. James Tapia via Howl at the Moon

+ Ken Anderson def. Jay Bradley via DDT

+ Craven Knyte and Brandon Gore wrestle to a Draw*

+ SDW Women’s Championship Match: Malia Hosaka (c) def. Kara Noia via Pinfall

+ Non-Title Tag Team Match: Aaron Corbin & The Golden Idol def. Brick McCarthy & Logan Lynch after interference from Brandon Gore

+ SDW Heavyweight Championship Match: Mitch Paradise w/ Greg McDonald def. Ricky Love w/The Golden Idol


32169450_10156490244847664_3651428766669864960_nAWF presents HINKLEY HAVOK // Hinkley High School – Hinkley, MN

+ JDX def. Ryan Cruz

+ Big Slick Willie w/ Nick Nelson def. Crixus

+ “Buns & Roses” Petey Brown &Adam Grace def. “Famous Trash” (Joey Avalon & Jordy Lee)

+ Garrison Creed def. Sterling Bond

+ AWF Heavyweight Title Match: Nick Nelson w/ Big Slick Willie def. Jake Savage after help from Willie to become the NEW AWF Champion

DbbOtc3W0AIQmIKFLWA presents DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH // Generations Ballroom – Kimball, MN

+ “The Genuine Article” Chris Jordan def. Aiden Wake

+ “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne def. “The Midwest Mack Truck” Moses Mayhem

+ King Leonidas def. Doug after interference from Mitch Paradise, Moses Mayhem, and The High Rollers

+ Craven Knyte def. Officer Rob Justice

+ Mitch Paradise def. Austin Arrow, after the match Paradise assaulted Arrow until Moses Mayhem & King Leonidas made the save


31911168_2012679495717409_4620259700863139840_nPro Wrestling Entertainment presents ARMED & READY FOR SUMMER // Junction Bowl – Isanti, MN

+ Tommy “Spiderbaby” Saturday def. “Honorable” Judge Jesse via Pinfall

+ School Boy & Luther Wilson III def. Flex Appeal via Pinfall

+ Angry Dragon def. Thunder Lizard w/ Tommy 2 Tone

+ Pink Nation (Gregg Hurtz & The Brauler) def. Farmer Brooks & Patient X via Double Pinfall

+ Hardcore Match: Dirty Ernie def. “6% Bodyfat” Rob James

+ Rock Solid Ross def. Patriot III via Pinfall

+ Zakk Neo def. Damon Knight via Pinfall


30167665_1741474465943099_1739643877797610661_oShowtime Championship Wrestling presents THE 2ND ANNUAL BENEFIT FOR EAU CLAIRE SPECIAL OLYMPICS // Eagles Club – Chippewa Falls, WI

First Round Tournament Match
Air Wolf defeated Brandon Gore

First Round Tournament Match
Aaron Sacrifice defeated Heavy Metal Lore by Disqualification when Nathan Sensation attacked Aaron Sacrifice

First Round Tournament Match
Future Clash Championship – Defense #1
Kal Creed defeated Champion James Tapia

First Round Tournament Match
Nathan Sensation defeated Devlin Kain by Disqualification when Heavy Metal Lore attacked Nathan.

Second Round Tournament Match
Aaron Sacrifice defeated Nathan Sensation

Second Round Tournament Match
Future Clash Championship – Defense #1
Champion Kal Creed defeated Air Wolf

Lyndon Cartman Memorial Tournament Finals
Showtime Heavyweight Championship
Kal Creed defeated Aaron Sacrifice to become the inaugural Showtime Heavyweight Champion, in addition to winning the Future Clash Championship earlier in the night.

Showtime Anniversary Tag Team Invitational
Team Lightning – Red Lightning, Rebel John McClintock, Kyle Pro, JD Bandit & El Angel Dorado defeated Team Renaissance – Ricky Noren, Rylie Jackson, Tomahawk Kid, Koda Jacobs & Bill Williams


31520314_10155310294690896_9209649448840331264_nMAW presents CORONATION OF A CHAMPION // Uncle Mike’s M Pour E Yum – Hudson, WI

Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match
Garrisaon Creed def. Tyler Jones via Pinfall

Rylie Jackson Open Challenge
Rylie Jackson def. Maru and Austin Fouts

Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match
Jacob Savage def. Tommy “Spiderbaby” Saturday

Orin Veidt def. “Downtown” Petey Brown

DTF 3000 (“Starbreaker” Aiden Wake & “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne) def. Book Club (Leonard Literacy & Dewey Decimal)

Championship Tournament Finals
Garrisaon Creed def. Jacob Savage to become the Inaugural MAW Heavyweight Champion

Unsanctioned Street Fight
Moses Mayhem def. Damien Graves

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