The professional wrestler so nice, he was voted #1 twice. Well, some people may beg to differ based on his in ring persona, but there’s no arguing with the resume Darin Corbin put together in 2018. Last year’s top wrestler on the MNDIY 50, he managed to hold off the field with a year in which he continued to reinvent himself. Corbin became the F1RST Wrestling Uptown VFW champion and has already earned himself a chance to reclaim his Heavy On Wrestling championship in 2019 which he lost, as we are sure you have heard, while not even being pinned in a four-way dance with Air Wolf, Arik Cannon, and Kody Rice. His “SnappedChat” YouTube series has set the standard for regular video content in the Minnesota wrestling scene in addition to a top social media presence. One voter said, “Darin Corbin is on every big show in Minnesota and he may have the most sophisticated presence of any wrestler (as well)”. Much like longtime rival Arik Cannon he wrestled everywhere and anywhere and had a huge presence outside the State that continues to keep his finger on the pulse of the wrestling world appearing regularly on the West Coast and throughout the Midwest. His pipe bombs were a regular hit in Pro Wrestling Battleground where he also was in the Title picture thoughout the year even venturing into amateur wrestling territory as he donned the headgear and singlet to take on Brandon Gore. If Arik Cannon is the blood of the Minnesota scene and Air Wolf is the heart, Darin Corbin would have to be the soul… wait a second.

(Photo: Sarah Dope)

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