2018 MNDIY 50 (7).pngWhile it may be a distant memory now as it happened in the first few days of the voting period, it will most likely be remembered when looking back on Ryan Cruz’s illustrious wrestling career as one of his biggest wins. In a year that saw him contending for Championships in multiple promotions, the F1rst Wrestling Tag Team Title Ladder Match against longtime partner Darin Corbin for sole possession of the belts was nothing short of monumental and saw him take home the win. While he would latter abdicate the belts not wishing to wrestle in the tag team ranks, Cruz ratcheted up the amount of singles competition and competed across the state against a wide variety of opponents. 2018 would not be filled with gold around his waist, but there was plenty of gold in the ring as Cruz’s unique mix of high flying, leg strikes, and sense of humor made him one of the best utilized wrestlers in the State. Hopefully, 2019 will see him continuing to compete and carrying Championship gold around his waist once again.

(Photo: RKH Images)


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