We’ve been away from our Wrestle Weekend updates for a while as COVID has prohibited safe events but as we start to emerge and promotions are starting to book again, we encourage everyone to get vaccinated, mask up to help protect immunocompromised members of our community, and keep events safe as we get back to being fans. Here’s the Summer update for shows in MN. Get out and support our MNDIY scene and her wrestlers!

Updated Weekly
June 05 – MIW Pro Wrestling – Hamel, MN
June 10 – F1rst Wrestling – St. Paul, MN
June 12 – FLWA – Silver Lake, MN
June 19 – RCCW – Winona, MN
June 25 – Under the Big Top 4 – New Market, MN
June 26 – Higher Ground Wrestling – St. Paul, MN
July 02 – MIW Pro Wrestling – Chanhassen, MN
July 02 – WGW – Keewatin, MN
July 09 – Steel Domain Wrestling – Lakeville, MN
July 10 – F1rst Wrestling – St. Paul, MN
July 10 – Midwest All-Star Wrestling – Isle, MN
July 17 – Steel Domain Wrestling – Bloomington, MN
July 24 – Higher Ground Wrestling – St. Paul Park, MN
August 14 – Pro Wrestling Battleground – St. Paul, MN
August 15 – Midwest All-Star Wrestling – Stillwater, MN
August 22 – Discover Pro Wrestling – Duluth, MN

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