We are ramping up with a soft launch in May as we get more information together to highlight independent wrestlers and promotions plying their trade in Minnesota. While we are developing a number of surprises in terms of monthly content, we are also happy to feature two local podcasts at launch that record weekly: Heel Turn Radio + Skullbuster Wrestlecast. Each week we will be rolling out some of the new content on Mondays, with Skullbusters typically out on Wednesdays and Heel Turn Radio on Fridays.

Razzlin’ Rick has also passed along his many years of historic documentation of the local scene which we will be featuring snippets from in “This Week in Minnesota Pro Wrestling History”. Rick has gotten out of the web game but is still plying his trade over on Facebook, so stop by, say hello, and read his Rumblings.

If you’re interested in sharing content from shows that you’re hitting up or anything under the sun, feel free to use the Contact page to send it along or use #MNDIYwrestling on social media to contribute to helping support independent wrestling in Minnesota!

We will be featuring #MNDIYwrestling photos from social media bi-monthly with thoughts from contributors and curators. So join in, follow us on social media and we’ll be sharing more soon!

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