Heavy On Wrestling presents LUCHA LIBRE // Mystic Lake Casino – Prior Lake, MN
Great LUCHA LIBRE show from Heavy on Wrestling last night at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel. Thanks to ‘Stache Funk + The Lucha Droid for the quick results:

+ Super Lover def. Scarface Jr. with a Death Valley Driver.
+ The Blue Bomber, Local Luchador def. TNT (w/ the “Lucha Killer” Josh Calisto) Calisto stole Bomber’s mask, resulting in Angel Caido stunnering Calisto!
+ Angel Caido def. Angry Dragon
+ Air Wolf def. Wildcat with Howl at the Moon
+ Ryker Mex def. Apostle 13

Check out more videos on Heavy On Wrestling’s Facebook!


18198335_1392557440828382_297605836473249159_nRCCW presents Cinco De Mayo MAYHEM // American Legion – LaCrosse, WI
Results from the RCCW Facebook Page. Go give ’em a Like!

Maru defeated Kal Creed in a Submission match, retaining the RCCW City of La Crosse Championship.
Jay Leo “The Modern Day Hippie” unmasked El Doucho, who turned out to be Nicky Douché!
Nathan Sensation defeated Devlin Kain in a number one contenders match to earn another shot at the RCCW Heavyweight Championship.
The Morbid Angel defeated Aaron Sacrifice, Onyx Andretti, and the debuting Aesop Mitchell in a Fatal 4-Way match.
Shawn Priest made an impact by aligning himself with Jason Michaels to injure Maru, who had come out to help Aaron Sacrifice from The Morbid Angel’s devasting submission hold.
Down Town Petey Brown made his RCCW debut, and was interrupted by James Hunter, which led to an impromptu dance contest and match! Petey Brown got the victory.
– New RCCW Tag Team Champions! Sour Skittles (Coach Matthew Burns & The Madman Greg Rotten) defeated The Dojo Boys (Colin Brooks & Adam Grace) and the team of “Jiggy” Jack Spade & Chris Black in a triple threat match.
– The Age of Swagnificience reigns supreme as RCCW Heavyweight Champion Jarrod Jaxx retains the title by defeating Kyle Roberts!

They’ll be back at the American Legion Post 52 La Crosse on June 2!


18222331_396941297359638_629299289329054866_nIWI presents NIGHT OF THE LUCHAS // Historic Mounds Theater – St. Paul, MN
Check out IWI’s Twitter @IWIpro

+ Ian Xavier hosted a Penalty Box segment with Ryan Cruz

+ El Luchador Desconocido y Blanco Toro def. Angel Caido + Machino Mexicano with a School Boy

+ United States Championship Match – Spider Baby def. El Tigre

+ IWI Championship Title 2/3 Falls Match – Air Wolf def. Ryan Cruz via DQ when Officer Rob Justice interfered


18268304_396941517359616_5716070231751022221_nMIW presents SEASON FINALE // Chanhassen American Legion – Chanhassen, MN
Results from Heel Turn Radio

+ It was announced that despite calling him out, Chadwick Wentworth III would not be in attendance. This brought out Mitch Paradise to comment that everyone is talking about Air Wolf but he doesn’t see what the big deal is and challenges him to a match right then!

Match 1:
Air Wolf def. Mitch Paradise in a really fun contrast of styles. Air Wolf ended up 3-0 on the weekend and may be one of Minnesota’s next big exports if he can keep developing as he has. It felt like he hung with the big man with his innovative Lucha offense and took home the big win.

Match 2: Stonehenge def. Chris Jordan via Count Out due to shenanigans involving tag team partner Aiden Wake + manager Tom Butterman (BBBBBB)

+ The Mayor of Chanhassen + MIW President Pete Huge came out to a warm reception from the assembled crowd to put over the Playboy Protege and MIW Champion, Scott Story. This brought out Heavy Metal Lore who demanded a title shot and said he wasn’t going anywhere until he got it. He proceeded to procure a chair from under the ring to the fans delight and then proceeded to do exactly what he promised and sat in the ring until Huge agreed to the title shot which will be the Main Event of the evening.

Match 3: “Miami Money” Aiden Wake def. El Bano after Butterman distracted the Referee and Stonehenge hit Bano with a couple of stiff shots on the apron. (BB)

Match 4: James Dawson vs. “Mr. Entertainment” Ty Cooper was disrupted again by Thomas Butterman + Stonehenge which brings out El Bano and Chris Jordan to make the save and challenge them to a fight which was announced as a special attraction for the second half of the night. (BBBB)

– Intermission –

Main Event: MIW Championship Match: Heavy Metal Lore def. Scott Story (c) via DQ after alleged Russian Interference (w/ Special Referee Rob Page) #MakeRobRefAgain

+ If you haven’t caught one of these matches in PTW, MIW, or Battleground, go out and see it. These two guys are really tearing it up and taking their feud on the road. A great and hard hitting endeavor, Lore eventually hit his finisher and Rob Page stopped the count at two! Lore didn’t take kindly to this as you can imagine. After more devastating offense Lore was allegedly blind-sided by a masked Russian which caused the Disqualification and Lore victory but the Saucy One still heads into the MIW Summer season your MIW Champion!

Bonus Match: Chris Jordan/Ty Cooper/El Bano def. James Dawson/Stonehenge/Aiden Wake w/ Tom Butterman

+ After the match the heels had a big group hug but Stonehenge proceeded to hand out chokeslams a plenty before storming off to the love of the crowd before lumbering off. The remaining three group hugged then Aiden Wake flatlinered Butterman and Dawson. This was followed by one last hug and James Dawson superkicking Butterman. He was still laying in the ring as the fans ushered out. Is DTF DOA?


18222637_396941520692949_785006949040656763_nPTW presents TROUBLE IS BREWING // Opinion Brewing Company – Newport, MN
Thanks to Andy Nowicki for sending us his report! Find him on Twitter @ANWild119

Match 1: Heavy Metal Lore def. “The Never Ending” Scott Story via black hole slam

+ Sterling Bond came out wanting a title match with Mitch Paradise and Greg McDonald said only if he beats Doug later tonight he would get a shot at the next PTW show.

Match 2: Giant Griffin def. Jamal Kill by choke slam

+ Rob James cut a Rick Rude sweat hogs promo

Match 3: No DQ “Downtown” Petey Brown def. 6% body fat Rob James via reverse neckbreaker on to a chair

– Intermission –

Match 4: Doug def. “King of Psycho Style” Sterling Bond via leg drop

Match 5: PTW Championship
Mitch Paradise (C) def. Super Estonian Thunder Frog via Big Boot after Doug came out and distracted Thunderfrog. Mikey Wipeout came out and saved Thunderfrog to end the beat down from Mitch Paradise.

+ Very interesting venue and crowd started to get more into it as the alcohol was flowing and MC Lazlo reminded the crowd it was a 18+ show.
+ Sterling Bond is using a gimmick similar to Tommaso Ciampa on the indies and came out to Kevin Steen’s ROH theme which was badass.
+Would have love to have seen Story vs. Lore go longer.
+ I’ve never seen Jamal Killz but he was dressed as an MMA fighter and flicking everyone off the minute he came out. Great spot with Griffin holding Killz and walking around letting people Ric Flair chop Killz.
+Petey Party was in full effect. Lots of roasting of Rob James.
+ Paradise came out to distract Bond when Doug gave him the big boot and leg drop combo. Great match between Frog and Paradise. Typical funny schtick with the hammer. Possible Doug heel turn as he helped Mitch retain the PTW Championship. Some guy named Mikey Wipeout ran out and took out Paradise to end the show.
+ Best spot of the night was when Giant Griffin bowled a strike on Killz right to the groin.

Super fun show it was my wife’s first local show and she had a blast!!

> Razzlin’ Rick headed down to the former bowling alley to check out all the action and has his review on his Facebook as well!

17952971_1395548797204277_5645498958078749523_nFLW presents MINOT’S CATALINA WINE MIXER // Dae Udder Place – Minot, ND

Results from Minot’s Catalina Wine Mixer via Fully Loaded’s Facebook Page!

Macen/Mr. InKredible/Eric Walker defeated Blue Bomber/Tomahawk Kid/Tommy G

+Mr. Inkredible defeated Blue Bomber

+Eric Walker defeated Tomahawk Kid

+Macen Mayham defeated Tommy G. in a street fight. Tommy G is now gone from FLW.


18222709_396941537359614_8990362013900334508_nAWF presents HEAD TO THE EDGE // Prairie’s Edge Casino – Granite Falls, MN
Awaiting Results! If you went to the show, let us know!

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