NAME: Chainsaw King
YEARS PRO: 10 years
FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: MacabreBomb (Yo Yo Powerbomb), Headless Chainsaw (Superkick in the Turnbuckle), Panicked Attack (Brogue Kick into the Turnbuckle), Danceplex / Sassplex (Dancing T-Bone Suplex), Chainsaw Cross (Modified Texas Cloverleaf), Beauty Sleep (Arm-Trap Rear Choke)

Hailing from a dark past, Chainsaw King does what he can to bring light to the world of violence and betrayal within Professional Wrestling. He’s never been perfect, he’s never been pure, but what he has been has meant much to those who support him. His rise up any time they hear his anthem, and the world may yet know his power as he roars every onward towards the next opportunity, the next glory, or the next dawn.


Ello- ChainsawKing
Facebook – ChainsawKing1
Instagram – ChainsawKing
Tumblr- Chainsaw King
Twitter- @ChainsawKing
YouTube- The Omaha Chainsaw

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