MNDIY Profile: Tommy “The SpiderBaby” Saturday

NAME: Tommy "The SpiderBaby" Saturday YEARS PRO: 16 years FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Trapdoor (Reverse Diamond Dust), Flytrap (Modified Muta Lock), Tangled Web (Modified Indian Death Lock) BIO: The wrestling ring is his web, or so insists Tommy "The SpiderBaby" Saturday. Although recognized by his fans and his peers as one of the Midwest's most proficient and varied … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Tommy “The SpiderBaby” Saturday


MNDIY Profile: Ángel Dorado

NAME: Ángel Dorado YEARS PRO: 1 Year FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: 450 Splash, Springboard Cutter BIO: Currently training at The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling and with Josh Calisto and has wrestled for IWI, Pro Wrestling Battleground, and Showtime Championship Wrestling. SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram – lucha_angel1 Twitter- @lucha_angel1 BOOKING INFO: E.mail at