MNDIY Profile: Valentine Bravo

NAME: Valentin Bravo YEARS PRO: 7 years FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: Total Anarchy, Superkick BIO: Currently training at The Academy: School of professional wrestling and mentored by Eddie Sharkey, is the first triple crown champion in the Chilean promotion ASL - Acción Sim Límites Lucha Libre, one of the regular faces in CNL - Campeonato Nacional de Lucha … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Valentine Bravo


MNDIY Profile: Tyler Jones

NAME: Tyler Jones YEARS PRO: 2 Years FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: Texas Cloverleaf BIO: Trained by Travis Shillington, who was trained by Brad Rheingans and Wayne Bloom. My goal in professional wrestling is to fill my trophy case with titles nationwide. SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: thereallyrealtylerjones Twitter: @thereallyrealty BOOKING INFO: Contact on Social Media MERCH:      

MNDIY Podcasts: Dive Club

HOSTS: Clark Feldman & The Ultimate Worrier featuring Miss JL YEARS PRO: Just getting started, baby! FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Ten Count, Crippling Social Anxiety BIO: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – a referee and some dude from Twitter walk into a bar, say “ouch.” Classic. Dive Club was born from a pitcher of margaritas at Bar Luchador … Continue reading MNDIY Podcasts: Dive Club