NAME: Maru
YEARS PRO: 5 years
FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Shining Wizard, GTK (Get the Kick), Inverted Ankle Lock, but his favorite move is a good ole fashioned Snap Suplex

 Maru started out in MMA/grappling, then moved on to training in the sports. His wrestling training started in 2011 with Brian “Dirty Dan Hansen” Walthers and he later moved to Florida to continue training. After a few years Maru moved back to Sioux Falls, SD, where he continued training with IPW in Algona, IA. From there he began wrestling for several promotions out of the Midwest and continues expanding further out each year. His long-term goal is to eventually wrestle in Japan.


Facebook – MaruTheWrestler
Twitter- @MrGrappler

Want to bring Maru and his heavy-hitting Samoan style to your promotion? Visit  or E.mail

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