NAME: “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne
YEARS PRO: 2 years
FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Stone Of Triumph (Wasteland),  The Stoning (Pop Up Spinebuster Bomb), Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am Slam, Bear Hug, Chokehold, Verbal Abuse

Stonehenge Joseph Wayne was originally trained by Minnesota Independent Wrestling owner Terry Fox (former Head Trainer for Eddie Sharkey’s wrestling camp) in 2014. When Fox retired from training after a battle with cancer in 2016, Stonehenge needed a place to continue to hone his craft and take it to the next level. Stonehenge then signed up to “The Academy: School Of Professional Wrestling” in Minneapolis under the tutelage of head trainers alumni WWE Superstars Ken Anderson (FKA Mr. Kennedy) and Shawn Daivari, along with assistant coaches WWE Superstar Ariya Daivari, Arik Cannon(F1rst Wrestling/WWE 205 LIVE) and former WWE Womens Champion  Molly Holly.

Stonehenge Joseph Wayne first discovered professional wrestling at the age of 4 years old. As a child, most of his time was spent in isolation; both for his own safety and also the protection of others due to his violent and unpredictable nature. While most children had friends to play with, Stonehenge relied soley on the stars of his favorite wrestling shows and his own imagination to fill the void and compensate for a complete lack of human interaction and isolation from any social group to belong to.

Once Stonehenge was released to the general public at the age of 12, he used the internet to locate a telephone number for a wrestling school being run by Eddie Sharkey. After being told that he was too young and needed written permission from parental guardians, the young kid who would eventually become Stonehenge Joseph Wayne gave up on his dreams and immediately fell into the wrong crowd.

In 2014, after nearly two decades of throwing his life into the abyss, Stonehenge had not only hit rock bottom and stayed there for years on end; but also brought two beautiful children into the world, only to have them taken away from him. The only thing that would pull him out from the darkest point in life as a man would be the only thing that gave him something to believe in as a child: Pro Wrestling.

Finally, Stonehenge found a place where his violent and unpredictable nature would be rewarded, and provide him financial stability. A place where his childhood dreams could come true, albeit at the expense of his bruised, battered and broken opponents in the ring.

When asked to comment on his transition into the world of Professional Wrestling, this is what Stonehenge Joseph Wayne had to say: “This is it for me. Joseph Wayne is already dead. He’s been dead for years. He was just the vessel. There is no Joseph Wayne left in this body, and rightfully so.  Soon they will all die! I will destroy this world and everyone in it, only to rebuild. DESTROY IT ALL, AND REBUILD IT IN THE IMAGE OF ME,  STONEHENGE!”

Turn ons: long walks on the beach, human suffering
Turn offs: people who stand in the way of my plot for global domination


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Photo Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

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