NAME: El Tigre
YEARS PRO: 6 years
FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: 651, Frog Splash, Tiger Superkick

I started watching wrestling when I was 10 years old and immediately fell in love with it. After WWE went off the air, my brother and I always pretended to be one of those wrestlers and would wrestle in our beds and our backyard and of course we got in trouble with our parents. A few years later I was listening to the radio and they were announcing there would be wrestling outside at Payne Avenue in St. Paul and convinced my parents to take me. I was super excited to see wrestling up close and heard host Black Boy announce that if anyone was interested in wrestling he had a school in Minneapolis. I told my parents I wanted to go and was so nervous when I first got there. I thought that the other guys won’t like me but I was wrong and everyone was super nice to me. When I arrived, Black Boy noticed I was nervous and he told me not to be and that it was my first time in the ring and he started to show me all the exercises that I would need to become a wrestler. I continue to be trained by Black Boy and Skayde, two former AAA Superstars. I am very grateful to them both and my dream is to one day be a New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar.


Facebook – Tigre MN
Twitter- @blacktiger335

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