NAME: Kamikaze Klecker
YEARS PRO: 12 years
FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Throw the Switch, The Kleck Klash

I’m in this business to fight the world for all it’s worth every inch of planted Earth. Suck it high and watch it go. And I’m here to steal the show! Klecker had his first pro match on his18th birthday, with a victory over Aric Cannon in a bloody battle at MPW arena. He was the first NIW Impact champion, first Pro Wrestling Battleground Champion, and a former NEO-PRO Cruiserweight Champion. He is currently IWI Tag Team champions with “that guy” Patrick McDonal as the #YOLOBROS.  In this business living the #KLECKERHUGHLIFE #LIVEIT #BREATHIT #LOVEIT


Facebook – KamikazeKlecker
Twitter- @kamikazeklecker

Contact via Social Media

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