NAME: Stacy Shadows
YEARS PRO: 8 years
FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Beautiful Tragedy (Saito Suplex), Samoan drop, German Suplex, Bicycle Kick, Rising Spear

The Midwest Slayer hails from the Northwoods of Green Bay, WI. Trained at the Dojo of Pain and debuting in 2009, she has wrestled in 8 different states working for dozens of promotions. Mainstays are Brew City Wrestling (West Allis, WI) ICW (Milwaukee, WI) Revolution Wrestling Alliance (Waseca, MN) Steel Domain Wrestling (Lonsdale & Richfield, MN) UPW (Gladstone, MI) Threat Level Wrestling (Des Plaines, IL). She most recently wrestled for Women of Honor in Milwaukee, WI at Turner Hall on April 28, 28, 2017. Her goals are to be on the Women of Honor roster, to wrestle in all 50 states and to wrestle in Scotland, Japan, Mexico, Germany, UK and Ireland. She is currently training students alongside her trainer Shane Hills at the Dojo of Pain in Maribel, WI.

Facebook – Dojo of Pain Pro Wrestling School
Twitter – @dojoofpaincamp
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Facebook – Stacy Shadows
Twitter – @StacyShadows
Instagram – Shadows1641

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