18766093_1415703625134474_6230499178445870667_nTNT presents LIVE! PRO WRESTLING // 2251 Hayes St NE – Minneapolis, MN
Results via Heel Turn Radio

+ Tomahawk Kid def. Stonehenge via Tomahawk Chop from the top rope. Security had to escort Stonehenge after he requested protection from the throngs of children in attendance.

+ Angel Caido def. Sterling Bond with a Standing Moonsault followed by a springboard diving pin. Bond was in top heel mode as he worked the knee of Caido, popped the balloons of children in the audience, yelled that he hated Minneapolis, and generally had the crowd eating up his work. Big Spider-Man chants for Angel Caido from the kids. After the win, Bond holds up Caido’s hand but then does a step-up springboard cutter and drives the fan favorite into the mat before exiting to more boos.

+ Jaden Roller def. Leonard Literacy w/ Dewey Decimal via Swinging Neckbreaker
This one had a little bit of everything including a basketball, interference from Dewey, the horde of kids chanting “kick his ass” and “lose some weight”, and a missed Reading Rainbow moonsault by Literacy after he got too confident. After this, Dewey attempted to intervene but accidentally hit Leonard leading to the win. Afterward, the heels came to attack Jaden and a roster clearing series of run-ins wrapped up the event as Heavy Metal Lore lead a group of heels to beat up Roller, but he was saved by the faces led by Air Wolf and Angel Caido.

Congrats to TNT Tommy Mason for putting together a great event and drawing so many people they had to call it early to save some for the other acts. Great to see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd including Razzlin’ Rick who shared his thoughts on his Facebook page which you can check out here.


18882212_1423082447775881_2930615970340407486_nRCCW presents SUMMER TIME BRUISE III // American Legion Post 52 – La Crosse, WI
Results via RCCW Facebook Page. Check ’em out!

Kal Creed w/ Nicky Douché def. Garrisaon Creed
Shawn Priest w/ The Morbid Angel def. Tyler Jones w/ Aaron Sacrifice
Daryck St. Holmes, esq. def. Aesop Mitchell
RCCW Tag Team Championship Match
– Sour Skittles (Coach Matthew Burns & The Madman Greg Bannon) def. The Dojo Boys (Colin Brooks & Adam Grace) via DQ due to outside interference when Douché & Creed assaulted the Tag Team champions. Then they set their sights on their former allies with help from the returning AC Riley!
– “Roadhouse” James Vincent def. Aaron Sacrifice
Stacy Shadows def. Sierra in non-title action, despite referee Vanessa Azuré showing extreme favoritism for the Heartbreakers Champion. Shadows has now earned a shot at Sierra’s title
Kyle Roberts vs. Jay Leo “The Modern Day Hippie” turned into a tag team match against Jack Spade & Chris Black. Spade & Black earned the victory
RCCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Nathan Sensation def. Jarrod Jaxx to become the new RCCW Heavyweight Champion after Roadhouse distracted the referee


DAM4yU-UMAAvbF2F1rst Wrestling presents WRESTLEPALOOZA X // First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN

F1RST Wrestling Wrestlepalooza Title Match
Arik Cannon (c) def. Airwolf

DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Title Match
Grado def. Joey Ryan (c) afterwards burlesque performer Queenie Von Curves emerges and seduces Grado into a pin only to be rolled up by Joey Ryan almost immediately afterwards resulting in the King of Dong Style regaining his title!

Venom def. Jake Parnell + Scott Story

Chuck Taylor def. Mat Fitchett

Ryan Cruz/ThunderFrog/Wildcat def. The Whirlwind Gentlemen (Jack Manley & Remy Marcel)/Darin Corbin

Drago def. Fire Ant


FLWA presents RAGE IN A CAGE // Generations Ballroom – Kimball, MN

Barking Spiders def. Spiderbaby + Ian Xavier

12 Gauger def. Heavy Metal Lore

Dr. Darrin def. Stonehenge

Cooter Bocephus def. Mitch Paradise

Awaiting Full Results. Did you attend? E.mail us at MNDIYwrestling@gmail.com

18527596_1823150178003676_6044644330995576584_nPro Wrestling Entertainment // Junction Bowl – Isanti, MN
Results from Razzlin’ Rick. Check him out on Facebook here!

1. Darkchild VS Jeff Standards. Jeff declared himself the winner before the match even started. It turned out that he was the winner with a DDT on Darkchild.

2. The Brawler VS School Boy. School Boy had to keep looking at his book Wrestling For Dummies to set up his next move. The Brawler used the book too, by hitting School Boy on his head to claim victory in this contest.

3. Gregg Hurtz VS Dirty Ernie. Gregg set up bowling pins between Ernie’s legs and rolled a bowling bowl to get a strike. Ernie got his revenge by hitting Hurtz on the head with a cookie sheet. Gregg grabbed a couple beers off a server’s tray and Gregg and Ernie chugged down the beers and both collapsed onto the mat. The ref counted both men out with a 10 count.

4. Jake Savage VS The Dark Prophet Orin Veidt. This was a rematch and both wrestlers put on a great wrestling clinic exchanging moves with many near falls. In the end, it was The Dark Prophet Orin Veidt who came out victorious.

5. Josh Price VS Patriot III. This was a match of the big men. Price was all power and Patriot III did present some decent offense but it was not enough to conquer Price. Using a power move, Josh Price was the victor in this contest.

6. Kamikaze Klecker VS Boardman. Klecker is more of a high flyer than Boardman so he used those flying moves to conquer his opponent tonight. Kamikaze Klecker defeats Boardman.

18622464_1966337360262538_8539554077147069072_nRWA presents Frontier Brawl // Opera House – Fort Dodge, IA
Results via RWA Facebook Page. Check them out!

Travis Cole defeats Maru
Judge Jesse and Jay Leo “The Modern Day Hippie” defeat Garrisaon Creed and Jacob Creed
The wild man beast defeats Alex Anthony and retains RWA US Title
TINY Love Pro-Wrestler defeats Moses Mayhem via count out
Superstar” Steve Stardom defeats Devlin Kain and Damon Knight to retain the UIWA Heavyweight Title
The Morbid Angel defeats AC Riley to become the NEW RWA Heavyweight Champion

Join RWA on June 24 for  RWA Retribution at the American Legion Post 65 – Rosemount, Mn!


DBbFQ2PU0AAoUgbUp-Down MPLS presents OPEN STREETS SLAM! // Up-Down – Minneapolis, MN

Chris Jordan def. Scott Story via a finishing series of a Hurricanrana, a huge Lariat, and a Tornado Russian Leg Sweep. Is there a crowd that Jordan can’t win over? Great grappling and some slow work by Story before picking up the pace and taking this one home. Great opener.

Darin Corbin def. Tomahawk Kid via Ginger Snap
A good amount of offense for the Kid here and Corbin has the crowd hating him early. Given enough time, Corbin takes control and wraps it up with his pre-announced Ginger Snap cutter.

“The Hot Property” Fire Ant def. “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor via Tornado DDT. This match had the crowd really hot and it’s no surprise given these two wrestler’s CHIKARA roots. It was amazing to see them stay for the Open Streets event and the crowd definitely ate up Chuck’s antics such as biting Fire’s antannea and hitting Soul Food pretty early. Great wrestling and comedy with Fire Ant getting the dupe.

Air Wolf/Wildcat/Super Thunderfrog def. Heavy Metal Lore/Kal Creed/Giant Griffin
The match starts out with Frog laying his hammer down in the middle of the ring and Lore and Creed both trying to lift it to no avail. Griffin budges it before pulling out his back and then Frog shows us how it’s done. SO ROCKED UP BAYBEE! A great way to wrap up the first half with all six guys way over with the crowd after solid tags in and out to create a variety of matchups between all of them. Ending comes with a Frog Hammer smash and triple pin. After the faces had cleared the ring, Lore hits his Blackhole Slam on Giant Griffin to the disgust of the crowd. Expect the 8th Wonder of Minneapolis to not take this lying down.

+Meet + Greet + Gaming Intermission inside Up-Down Minneapolis

“The King of Throwdown”Venom def.  “6% Bodyfat” Rob James via Discus Punch
Lots of great comedy in this match coming back from the break and a good deal of stiff offense as well. Venom hit a hangman stunner for a near fall which we thought was 3 but Rob James fought back with his 6% drop from the top rope. Eventually Venom was able to put him away “for realsies” with a huge Discus Punch.

F1RST Wrestling Wrestlepalooza Title Match
Arik Cannon (c) def. Darin Corbin with a Rollup
There was a ref bump that led to Darin Corbin picking up the Title Belt and hitting Cannon with it only to get a 2 count! While Corbin was arguing with the referee, Arik rolled him up to retain!

Fatal Fourway Match
Air Wolf def. Chris Jordan, Kal Creed, and Tomahawk Kid
There was a lot of isolated one on one in the ring with a ton of action on the outside. Tomahawk Kid and Kal Creed teamed up qite a bit in this one until their alliance went south. Kid was busted open at one point. There were two huge Tower of Power spots with all four wrestlers involved which received huge pops from the crowd. The ending came with a broken up count by Kal Creed after a Jordan elbow from the top on Tomahawk Kid. Creed got up and was pulled into a Howl at the Moon by Air Wolf for the three count. Afterwards, the Genuine Article raised Air Wolf’s hand.

Super Heavyweight Grudge Match
“The 8th Wonder of Minneapolis” Giant Griffin def. Heavy Metal Lore via Top Rope Chokeslam followed by a Bodyslam.

Afterward, Scott Story sneaks through the crowd and jumps Giant Griffin leading to the locker room clearing. The heels have the upper hand until Thunderfrog comes out to hit his huge Hammer Exploder spot to knock out the field. Arik Cannon comes in and hits Frog with a PBR and ends the show by celebrating and toasting the crowd in the middle of the ring.

Razzlin’ Rick was also in attendance and you can check out his thoughts on the card on his Facebook page which you can check out here.



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