Results Last Week: 07/02/2018

  Crash and Burn Pro Wrestling presents RED, WHITE, AND BLUE DAYS // Richfield Ice Arena – Richfield, MN + James Tapia def. JDX + "Hot Shot" Danny Duggan vs. Tomahawk Kid ended in DQ + Tyler Colton def. Farmer Frog + Stonehenge def. Kyle Pro, Rylie Jackson, Ian Xavier, and Sterling Bond + Air … Continue reading Results Last Week: 07/02/2018


Results Last Week: 06/25/2018

Steel Domain Wrestling presents LIVE PRO WRESTLING // Bloomington Event Center – Bloomington, MN + Air Wolf def. "The Legitimate Athlete" Brandon Gore + James Tapia def. Kyle Kappel + Brick McCarthy def. "The Real McCoy" JDX + Rory Fox def. Riley Jackson + #1 Contenders Battle Royal Brick McCarthy won becoming the #1 Contender to … Continue reading Results Last Week: 06/25/2018