18342073_1877402329146422_2288324842619879467_nPrime Time Wrestling presents Season Finale // Bloomington Event Center – Bloomington, MN
Results thanks to Derrick Hartfiel Razzlin’ Rick was also in attendance and you can check out his thoughts on the card on his Facebook page here.

To kick off the night, immediately following the national anthem we are greeted by an interrupting, men’s warehouse suit wearing Dan Jesser. He tells us that after spending all day in meetings at the Primetime wrestling offices, the higher ups have given him the opportunity to be commissioner for the night. That doesn’t go over well with the crowd at all.

Ryker vs. Airwolf

With DJ Griff having technical difficulties and no entrance music…… the crickets were kind of chirping as Ryker made is way too the ring, however, Airwolf, in new pants and Lucha mask, blue in color might I add, had the crowds heart from the start. Not as high flying as I expected but still some really great moves. Big chants of llet’sgo Airwolf throughout the match. And like they say, new pants….. big win, Airwolf victorious over Ryker.

Danny Duggan vs. Craven Knyte

Duggan immediately to the announce table for a selfie with “Commissioner Jesser”. Will this be a heel victory show? Danny is announced as the “American Fanny Pack Champion” and hoists a stars and stripes fanny pac over his head. The boos ensued immediately. Two big men with some high paced hard hits in this match. Duggan would go on to victory with a fanny pack smack to the face of Knyte. Referee Clark Feldman none the wiser to the illegal hit.

Triple Threat Match: Darin Corbin vs. Tyler Colton vs. Black Stallion

Corbin and Colton immediately unite to immobilize Stallion and get him out of the ring Then Colton goes on the attack on Corbin. Darrin with his usual shifty antics hides for a bit outside of the ring as Stallion and Colton do what they came to do, wrestle. One great move of the match saw Tyler hoist Stallion and Darrin across his shoulders for a fall away slam. After finally getting Colton out of the ring Corbin puts a low blow on Stallion, 1,2 3……we now have a new Uptown Champion. Darin quickly grabs the belt and flees the scene. Darin Corbin’s red hot summer continues.


At intermission, we are treated to a karate demonstration from a father and his three children. These kids are good! Billy Blaze sauntered down the rand amd was not at all impressed. He tried to show off his “karate” skills, and got nothing but boos from the fans. After some talk, the karate Dad is getting some wrestling training paid for by Prime Time and will face Blaze in three months!

Back to the card, 2 matches to go.

Black Plague (Stonehenge + Heavy Metal Lore) w/ Party Time Kelly (a plump little person in lingerie) vs Wildcat + Super Thunder Frog (Tag Champs)

As announced the Frog and Cat connection has been the reigning champs for 22 months straight! Will this be the end of the streak? The hammer of Thor is placed in the center of the ring! And as predicted not even the brute strength of Stonehege and Lore could lift the hammer! Good tag work throughout the match by the Plague to keep Cat away from the ring. When the Cat is away the Plauge made Frog pay! Finally with life back in the Connection its hammer time! Everyone goes down, double pin on The Plauge and The Frog and Cat Connection continues their streak!

Main Event: PTW Heavyweight Championship Rematch
Mitch Paradise vs Ken Anderson

To no ones surprise Mitch comes out with Billy Blaze, crowd boos like crazy. Anderson arrives and everyone screams. Ken of course does his famous intro for himself and is kind enough to intoduce Mitch…..with some ribs of course.

The first part of the match saw Mr. Anderson grab Mitch’s legs from the outside and pull him into the ring post….ouch. Blaze upset by this marches over grabs Paradise’s legs and shows Referee Conner what just happened. Ouch again! Conner even got his turn! The brawl ensues back and forth. Conner calls for the bell after a Blaze interference. To everones surpuse Jesser kicks out Blaze! The match continues! Mitch stomps away at Ken, Ken fights back. Back and forth match with some nice moves. Mitch tired too hit Ken with the belt, fail, belt drops. Ken leg sweep on Mitch on to the belt. Jesser pulls off Conner at the 2 count says Ken used belt, Mitch choke slam for the win and retains the title.


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