19424387_1397499930343022_2451996890054540614_nThe FLWA presents Delano Declaration // Delano Central Park, Family Stage – Delano, MN
Results thanks to  


+ defeated Barking Spider  Ox

+ def The Hangman w/Gorgeous

+ Mitch Paradise w/ Dan Jesser def Johnny Parks

+ def to become Inaugural Independence Champion


19149146_666934490158812_2009001752706217880_nMIW presents Story vs. Bano II // American Legion – Forest Lake, MN
Results thanks to Clark Feldman

+ Jacob Savage def. Wrestle Machine 804
Despite much celebration and shouts of “WRESTLE!”, the barefoot brawler and Savage Nation took home the victory. Hit the foot in the mouth spot to a big pop.
Match Rating: Wrestle Wrestle Wrestle / Wrestle Wrestle

+ “Mr. Entertainment” Ty Cooper def. “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne
Stonehenge is in new gear for this one. There’s a lot of second rope action and big man moves. ‘Henge hit a Kenton bomb, but it’s not enough to overcome Cooper.
Match Rating: Smash Bros Melee / Smash Bros Brawl

+ Ryan Cruz def. Aiden Wake
Thomas Butterman came out and cut a promo talking about Aiden Wake’s betrayal at the Chanhassen season finale which the crowd was happy about and cheered Wake’s actions. It is teased that Butterman would align with Pete Huge to gain revenge and declared tonight Phase One of his Nightmare. Cruz is sporting his Saved by the Bell pants again. With the notorious electricity of Ryan Cruz, he picks up the win after a nut shot and only two Buttermans!
Match Rating: Zoolander / Night at the Roxbury

+ “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon def. Officer Rob Justice
In the timeless battle of Order vs. Anarchy, chalk another one up… for the bad guys. Lots of cop jokes and another Paul Blart chant frazzled Justice and Cannon took advantage by hitting the Superkick for the three count.
Match Rating: 40 oz. / Large Beer Mug

+ Heavy Metal Lore def. Chadwick Wentworth III
This was another brawl that spilled over to the outside a number of times. Lots of stalling tactics by CWIII. At one point a Billy Idol “With a Rebel Yell, he shouted: LORE! LORE! LORE!”. (Editor’s Note: Not saying that led him to victory, but not saying it didn’t either)
Match Rating: Slayer / Iron Maiden

+ MIW Heavyweight Championship Match: “Never Ending” Scott Story def. El Bano
MIW President Pete Huge came out to address the crowd and says that he is fired up. He has signed another Forest Lake Fight for August 19th which will include a STEEL CAGE MATCH! He runs down “Crooked” Willie Mac and swaps him out for the referee services of Butterman! As you can imagine this match was full of shenanigans. Near the end, El Bano splashes Butterman and Scott in the corner resulting in the return of Willie Mac. After a couple more near falls, Bano covers and looks to gain the belt but Butterman wakes up and breaks the count! Bano finally had enough and grabs Butterman which results in a DQ!
Match Rating: Slayer / Iron Maiden

18813904_1418995188184607_7034728940351590914_nRCCW presents Riverfest Wrestling // Riverside Park, North Stage – La Crosse, WI
Results thanks to RCCW Twitter, Check them out!

+ “Young Money” Colin Brooks def. The Real Brock Hall

+ RCCW City of LaCrosse Championship: Maru def. Chase McCoy

+ The Family (Jack Spade + Chris Black) def. Joey “Jet” Avalon+ Aaron Sacrifice

+ Devlin Kain def. AC Riley

+ RCCW Heavyweight Championship: Kyle Roberts def. Nathan Sensation



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