Prime Time Wrestling presents Fight for Freedom // Richfield Ice Arena Parking Lot – Richfield, MN Thanks to Clark Feldman for the field notes from tonight’s matches.

Air Wolf def. Apostle 13

Scott Story def. Darin Corbin

Black Stallion def. Aaron Corbin

Billy Blaze vs. Lore ended in a Double Countout

Tag Team Championship Match: Super Thunderfrog + Wildcat def. Doug + DOUG? via Double Pinfall
Razzlin’ Rick was also there and you can check out his full review on his Facebook page.



19437412_10155385282818419_8942237850073066177_nSteel Domain presents Lakeville Brawl 2017 // Pan-O-Prog  – Lakeville, MN
Razzlin’ Rick was here and you can check out his full review on his Facebook page.

1. Sgt. Ledbetter def. “Downtown” Petey Brown

2. Non-Title: SDW Tag Champions, “3 Under Par” Chadwick Wentworth III & Brick McCarthy def. “Mid-Card Talent” AJ Larock & Kevy Chevy via Pinfall

3. “Hotshot” Danny Duggan def. “Canadian Hercules” Tyler Colton via Pinfall

4. SDW Championship Match: Aaron Corbin with The Golden Idol def. Steve Backlund

5. Steel Cage Match. Mitch Paradise def. Tommy Lee Curtis and The Golden Idol via Stacked Pinfall


19399226_1353180391385476_2354535705820522088_nPro Wrestling Battleground presents Perseverance // Wibelski’s – St. Paul, MN
Review courtesy of The Beard, Heel Turn Radio

Breakout Championship Match: “Down Town” Petey Brown def. Heavy Metal Lore via DQ
The action spilled outside early in this one after Lore ended Brown’s dance party. Petey got in some great offense but Lore’s tremendous size and strength were showcased as he caught Petey mid cross-body and then hit two backbreakers across his knee. Lore pressed the offense with a choke on the ropes. Petey was able to fight back and ascend the ropes to hit a top rope sunset flip but was only able to get a two count. After a couple of double ax handles to slow Lore down Petey hit a DDT but again was only able to get a two count. At this point, Lore had enough of the “Down Town” offense and hit a low blow resulting in a DQ, but he wasn’t done yet. He hoisted Petey up into a Fireman’s Carry and hit a driver. Luckily Air Wolf came out to make the save before Lore could get his hands on Brown resulting in a staredown between the Champion, Lore and one of his next potential challengers!
Match Rating: Foreshadowing / Title Picture

Tomahawk Kid + Kal Creed def. Angry Dragon + Stonehenge via Pinfall
Both of these teams have really started to gel and this was a fun and impressive match. Lots of playing to comedy from Angry Dragon in this one as he hushes the crowd, looking like he will go for a loud chop and then pokes Kid in the eye. Stonehenge is entertaining as always and making strides in the ring. The pairing of he and Dragon and their size differential makes for some great spots. The chemistry between Kid and Creed gives them a serious edge allowing Creed to hit a great double stomp. This eventually set up Creed preparing a belly to back suplex on Dragon which was triggered by a Tomahawk Chop from the top rope. After the suplex with a bridge by Creed, Tomahawk somersaulted over to pin Angry Dragon for the 3 in a fantastic finish.
Match Rating: More Please / Thank You More Please

“Never Ending” Scott Story def. Air Wolf via Rollup
Air Wolf started out strong in this one getting an early 10 count punch on the turnbuckle on Story. Eventually, the momentum shifted as he attempted a springboard off the middle rope and Story was able to catch him with the G-Spot! The crowd was really into the chain wrestling and strikes from both men including a bridged belly to back for a two count and many “YAY!” and “BOO!” chants. Story eventually hit a wicked Impaler style faceplant on Air Wolf who had his legs suspended on the second rope followed by a Side Effect but wasn’t able to seal the three count. He brought Air Wolf to the top rope for a big belly to back suplex but was fought off. A Pele kick, a reversal, and a missed Senton later, Lore came out at the peak of the match and distracted Air Wolf allowing Story to roll him up with the School Boy for the 3!
Match Rating: WRESTLING! / Wrestling

Tag Team Title Match: “Gorgeous” Jordy Lee + Joey “Jet” Avalon def. Giant Griffin + “Husky Heartthrob” Kody Rice via Pinfall
Tons of brawling on the outside to start before the match officially gets underway. Everything from a guard rail to a kid from the audience’s foot was used by the Champs + Challengers to soften each other up. Once they are in the ring, the slugfest doesn’t slow down. In fact, Kody doesn’t even lose the shirt until the Champs hit a double Butter Roll on Jordy and Joey. There’s a great series or suplexes and control shifting hands but eventually, the strap came down on Giant Griffin and he hits a Chokeslam on Jordy. Eventually, all four men find themselves in the middle of the ring in a replay of the Tag Team finals and treat each other to a little sign language before all running back to their respective ropes and knocking each other all down with a four-way forearm smashfest! The Champs are able to get up to set up Kody being Chokeslammed by Griffin onto Jordy but Avalon is able to make the save. The Sleepover grabs the belts and Joey uses his to distract the ref while Jordy uses his to knock out the Husky Heartthrob followed by the pin for a 1… 2… 3! NEW CHAMPS. Afterward, the chairs come out and there is a vicious beat down of Kody who has to be helped to the back afterward.
Match Rating: 301 / 305 LIVE


Super Thunderfrog def. “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon
This was everything you could hope for from this first-time matchup at Battleground: Thunderfrog acting like Vader, hard-hitting shoulder tackles, hammer comedy spots, and a white hot crowd. Froggy does a bit of Big Frog Vader bit before hitting a Vader Bomb in the corner shouting “It’s time, it’s time, it’s Froggy time!” Some good striking and wrestling here culminating in the big Hammer Smash spot and roll-up for the win. Afterward, they are encouraged by the crowd to shake hands and do, much to our delight.
Match Rating: Frog Vader / Darth Frogger

Battleground Championship 30-Minute Iron Man Match: Venom def. Darin Corbin
Venom does some grade A quality jaw-jacking with the crowd at the beginning of this one culminating in a big “Let’s Hear it for ME!” I recently taught my cousin’s son this and I am the biggest heel in my family for it. We make it through the first 10 minutes without a single pinfall or submission recorded but as the action spilled out of the ring and up to the stage, Venom was able to get the jump on Corbin and hit him with a Discuss Punch to the back of the head following a reversal of the Ginger Snap. He then returned to the ring and got on the mic claiming he knocked Corbin out like he said he would and told the ref to count him out. He makes up a taunt for the first four counts then gives it up as Darin Corbin is counted out. Venom leads, 1-0. After the 10 Count, Venom instructs the Referee to count him out again but Corbin is able to leap to the apron from the stage to stop the count at 9. Unfortunately, Venom still has the upper hand and hits a sit out neckbreaker on the apron and another finisher then rolls him up for a three count. Venom leads, 2-0. At this point, the Champ got a little cocky and went for his big splash but misses which allows Corbin to sneak a quick roll up for a 3! Venom 2, Corbin 1. In control, Corbin attempts a big spear but is only able to nab a two count. Venom manages to hit a Ginger Snap but Corbin kicks out at 2. Stunner by Venom but Corbin gets back up and hits a Rock Bottom for 2! Corbin misses a moonsault and gets put down by a gore by Venom but still only a two count. Corbin sets Venom up leaning headfirst to the outside over the ropes and does his slingshot sit-down slide-through the ropes to the outside then hits a drive-by dropkick onto the apron, followed by a frogsplash to tie it up! Venom 2, Corbin 2. They struggle back and forth for control as time ticks down, and Venom finally pushes the Referee into Corbin who thinks it is the Champion and Ginger Snaps him! Corbin realizes what he’s done and wrestles control back from Venom enough to make a pin but the ref is still out! Another string of offense from Corbin followed by a splash but no pin is counted with ref still out! Corbin hits the Ginger Snap on Venom but as the Referee comes to, instead of counting the three, he DQs Corbin for hitting him with the earlier Ginger Snap. Venom leads 3-2! Corbin tries frantically to roll the battered Champ up as the last 10 seconds tick away, but Venom rolls on his stomach and he can’t get him back over. Venom retains!
Match Rating: Hoagie + Fries / 10

Awesome show. We came with some first time attendees and they absolutely loved it. Kody Rice and the tag match were called out as highlights as well as Thunderfrog vs. Cannon, the chain of wrestling in the Story vs. Air Wolf match, and the intensity of the Main Event. Definitely new MNDIY faithful candidates!


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