20294324_1657971357547698_5795688174702679111_n.jpgWrestling Gone Wild presents LIVE WRESTLING // Nyberg Field, Bennett Park – Hibbing, MN
Results thanks to members of the Book Club

The Giant Norseman Tyr vs Dirty Ernie – Ernies nosed got busted, but Ernie got the win via pinfall.

“Suplexing Superman” Kal Creed vs Leonard Literacy w/Dewey Decimal – Dewey has Kal in a full Nelson, Leonard went for Facebook but Kal moved and Dewey got blasted instead, then Kal hit Kallateral Damage Neckbreaker.

Minnesota Wrecker Josh Price vs The Angry Dragon – Price holds ref in corner, low blows Angry Dragon, roll up for the win, Josh Price.

Handicap Match
The Brauler vs “Mpls Squad” Skip 2 Tall + Big Ric – Brauler wins with Brass Knuckles to Big Ric

WGW World Title Match
Kamikaze Klecker “Champion” vs Red Lighting w/ Tom 2 Tone – Klecker won via Crossface Tapout

WGW Main Event
Ryker Mex vs Apostle 13 – Roll up win for Ryker.


19679111_1990643837831890_7689802185746875273_o.jpgRevolution Wrestling Alliance presents SUMMER SIZZLER // Fort Frenzy – Fort Dodge, IA
Results thanks to the RWA Twitter @RWAwrestling

“Down Town” Petey Brown def. Darkchild

Travis Cole + Kody Lane def. Tony Kozina + Ethan Price

Tiny Love def. “Modern Day Hippie” Jay Leo + Cougar Hunter Austin Fouts via DQ

“Superstar” Steve Stardom def. “Man Pretty” Gregg Hurtz

#1 Contender Match for the RWA Diamond Championship
Sierra def. Lina De Oro

RWA Heavyweight Championship Match
Morbid Angel def. Garrisaon Creed

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