DIvpXrtVAAAltYqF1rst Wrestling presents LIVE AT THE CABOOZE! // The Cabooze – Minneapolis, MN
Results thanks to Heel Turn Radio

Ryan Cruz def. Wildcat, Super Thunderfrog, and “Never Ending” Scott Story

Giant Griffin def. Kal Creed

F1rst Championship Match
Arik Cannon (c) def. Darin Corbin

Academy Spotlight Match
Angel Dorado def. Brandon Gore

Chaos 300 def. “Filth King” Brubaker

Air Wolf + Colt Cabana def. Zero Gravity

20638618_1970336283198582_106611592279180428_nPro Wrestling America presents SUMMER SPLASH // Drkulas Bowl – Inver Grove Heights, MN
Results thanks to El Dandy

Match 1:
Lockjaw def. Shane Lockhart (w/ Spider Baby) via rollup after Lockhart hits Spider Baby by accident and was rolled up by Lockjaw.

Match 2:
“6% Body Fat” Rob James def. “King Of Psycho Style” Sterling Bond via Destroyer

Match 3:
Doug def. Giant Griffin via roll up

Match 4:
“Miss Natural” Heather Patera def. Stacy Shadows via Camel Clutch submission

— Intermission —

Match 5:
“Hotshot” Danny Duggan (w/ Dan Jesser) def. Heavy Metal Lore via cheap shot with fannypack

Match 6: PWA Tag Team Championship
Wildcat/Super Thunderfrog (C) def. Body Beautiful (Mitch Paradise & Billy Blaze) w/ Dan Jesser via Frog splash

Razzlin’ Rick also has a full review at his Minnesota Pro Wrestling page on Facebook


20525972_496001887399666_1131371764572838888_nMIW presents 3RD ANNUAL WRESTLE MS FUNDRAISER // Ham Lake Lanes – Ham Lake, MN
Results thanks to Knocked Out Entertainment

“The Young Gun” Rylie Jackson def. Super Lover

“Officer” Robb Justice def. Chris Corday after using Mace

“Mr. Entertainment” Ty Cooper def. LockJaw

“Genuine Article” Chris Jordan def. Tomahawk Kid

El Bano def. Shane “Shimdog” Lockhart

MIW Championship Match
“Never Ending” Scott Story def. “Husky Hearthrob” Kody Rice after Butterman shenanigans

20800218_10155043645758981_3424520184006305675_nCrushed Pro Wrestling presents CRUSHED 3 // River Lakes Civic Arena – Richmond, MN
Results thanks to Crushed Pro Wrestling

Patient X w/ Trixie def. Jonathan Jones w/ Nikki Heyman

Nick “The Natural” Nelson def. “Notorious” Ryan Cruz

Josh Price Open Challenge

Josh Price def. Richie Johnson

Fatal Four Way Tag Match
Darin Corbin/”Down Town” Petey Brown def. Superiority Complex, Super Thunderfrog/Wildcat, and Shaun Nautilus/Nathen Edwards

“The Anarchist” Arik Cannon def. “Filth King” Brubaker

Gerard Castle def. Air Wolf

Khaos Bleeds def. Mentallo

Zero Gravity def. The Coven

Beer City Bruiser def. “Hot Shot” Danny Duggan


20638497_1494021984021683_5492633606422386912_nShowtime Championship Wrestling at the 3RD ANNUAL HALLIE BLOCK PARTY // Eagles Club – Chippewa Falls, WI
Results thanks to Showtime Championship Wrestling

Before the Bell Bonus Match
The Savage defeated Leonard Literacy w/ Dewey Decimal

Main Card

Boardman defeated El Angel Dorado (Formerly El Angel Caido)

In their debut match, The Renaissance Ricky Noren defeated Kyle Pro

Vanessa Azuré defeated Sierra & Lina De’Oro in a Triple Threat Match after stealing a pinfall from Lina’s offense.

During Butchie Davis‘s Playhouse segment Kaz Karter was upset he didn’t have a match and held Butchie hostage until he got a match. Garrisaon Creed answered the challenge, but was defeated by Kaz. Kaz continued the assault, including attacking security in his rage. JD Bandit backed Kaz off to end the disruption.

WRIDE Tag Showcase
Wild and YoungBrandon Wild & Joshua Young defeated “Mr. Everything” Victor Andrews & Zuka King

WRIDE Singles Showcase
“The Big Hurt” DeAndre Jackson defeated The Filmmaker Movie Myk w/ his Director, The Real Deal Big Zoe

Showtime Championship Series
Nathan Sensation w/ Don Roux defeated JD Bandit after Kaz Karter speared Bandit behind the referee’s back. Nathan locked in the Texas Cloverleaf, Bandit did all he could to escape but it was too late. Bandit passed out and Nathan was awarded the victory. Nathan Sensation is the only 2-0 record holder on the roster and qualifies for a spot in the Tournament to be held at a later date for the first Showtime Heavyweight Championship.

Tag Team Challenge Match
TNT Tommy Mason & Kal Creed w/ Don Roux defeated The Sword & Shield of the Chippewa Valley: Red Lightning & Aaron Sacrifice after the use of a mysterious powder in the eyes of Red Lightning, leading to the pinfall.

Showtime Championship Series 
Devlin Kain defeated Joey Jet Avalon to qualify for a spot in the Heavyweight Championship Tournament.


20841107_1616137241770185_8304877957763748749_nNorthern Lights Wrestling presents SUMMER SEND-OFF // Eagles Club – St. Paul, MN

TW3 def. James Hunter

NLW Midwest Title Match
“The Psycho” Sterling Bond def. Kamikaze Klecker

Lockjaw def. “Madman” Rocky Morris

Darkchild + Dirty Ernie def. Big Q Bundy w/ Gene Gadaski

NLW Championship Match

Tommy “Spider Baby” Saturday def. Shane Lockhart

image1-2-791x1024Pro Wrestling 4 Causes presents LIVE PRO WRESTLING // The Friendly Buffalo – Big Lake, MN
Results thanks to Heel Turn Radio

Air Wolf def. Angel Dorado
After the match, Damian Graves and Stonehenge attacked the two, a tag match was made for later in the show

“That Guy” Patrick McDaniel def. El Tigre

Air Wolf + Angel Dorado def. Damian Graves + Stonehenge

Venom def. Leonard Literacy w/ Dewey Decimal

Jacob Savage def. “Officer” Robb Justice after Special Commissioner Desiree stopped Justice from cheating by using his baton.

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