20992818_1500014350036734_3712634605451026127_nA NIGHT FOR DAVID NOYE // Fraternal Order of the Eagles – St. Paul, MN
Results via Showtime Championship Wrestling

Before the Bell Bonus Match
“The Young Gun” Rylie Jackson defeated Kyle Pro with a school boy & pull of the tights after The Renaissance Ricky Noren distracted Kyle.

Future Clash Battle Royal
Ricky Noren outlasted Kyle Pro, Rylie Jackson, Down Town Petey Brown, El Angel Dorado, ESQ, Joey Keys, James Tapia, El Tigre, Scott Starman & The Blue Bomber to become the inaugural Showtime Future Clash Champion. After the match, Ricky & Rylie continued to assault Kyle Pro. Petey Brown stood up for Kyle and a title defense was scheduled for later in the night.

Air Wolf defeated Brandon Gore with a rolling cradle.

El Angel Dorado defeated Leonard Literacy w/ Dewey Decimal.

Red Lightning & Tomahawk Kid defeated Heavy Metal Lore & Stonehenge Joseph Wayne via Disqualification when Lore & Master Quinn‘s mysterious foreign object, Haruki, was used as a weapon against Tomahawk.

Future Clash Championship
Ricky Noren (C) defeated Petey Brown via countout.

Arik Cannon vs Shawn Daivari defeated Air Wolf & Brandon Gore, after the 2 Academy students suggested Cannon vs Daivari should become a tag team match. All four men received a standing ovation after the match.

Kal Creed w/ Don Roux defeated Kody Rice after a strike to the head with what may have been brass knuckles.

Ken Anderson defeated Darin Corbin. All 4 on hand referees were inadvertently knocked down throughout the match, and all 4 recovered to count in unison when Darin was pinned.

Over $2400 was raised to contribute to David Noye‘s medical bills and the Eagles Club was at standing room only capacity.


21317717_10155793305522664_7835666212034196996_nAWF presents JOHN HIRSCH SLAMIVERSY // Cambridge High School – Cambridge, MN

Arik Cannon def. Ryan Cruz

Super Thunderfrog def. “The Minnesota Wrecker” Josh Price

Darin Corbin def. Jaden Roller


Ryker Mex def. Gerard Butler

Kamikaze Klecker + Randy Raynes vs. Patient X + Killjoy (aka Clowny McClownerton)

AWF Championship Match
Jacob Savage (c) def. Nick “The Natural” Nelson


21751466_703081363210791_1188675482018428841_nMIW presents BANDIT VS. STORY: THE REMATCH // American Legion – Forest Lake, MN

Pete Huge and the MIW Champion “Never Ending” Scott Story came out to kick off the show and Pete lamented the fact that Crooked Terry Fox rehired JD Bandit through a loophole since President Huge was absent at the last Forest Lake show while busy golfing. He says that he won’t fire Fox, but will instead relegate him to A/V duty for the night. Huge is interrupted by the Black Plague (Lore + Stonehenge) who demand a match with whoever Pete wants disposing of later tonight. He grants it to them and they leave. Story talks down to Bandit and declares that his reign will be Never Ending.

Air Wolf def. Officer Robb Justice

Rylie Jackson aka Alex Rylie def. “Miami Money” Aiden Wake

Black Plague def. “Mr. Entertainment” Ty Cooper + “Down Town” Petey Brown

Mitch Paradise def. Chadwick Wentworth III by DQ after CWIII uses his iron to hit Paradise. Following the match, Paradise demands a rematch when they come back to Forest Lake


“The Anarchist” Arik Cannon def. “Notorious” Ryan Cruz

JD Bandit def. “Never Ending” Scott Story to become the NEW MIW Champion

Afterwards, the faces of the locker room came out to celebrate with Bandit


21558765_1468891553147795_4979033535811264157_nMidwest All-Star Wrestling presents BLITZES, BEERS, AND BODYSLAMS // The Friendly Buffalo – Big Lake, MN

Jacob Savage vs. Patrick McDaniels

Leonard Literacy vs. Tommy “Spiderbaby” Saturday

“Minnesota Maulers” Graves & Stonehenge vs. “Flannel Party” Dirty Ernie & Downtown Petey Brown

El Tigre def. Tomahawk Kid

“Hot Shot” Danny Duggan vs. “Officer” Robb Justice (without Sylvester J. Fox)

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