Total Ballot Appearing: 18 // Ballot Points: 704 // Highest Rank: 3rd

Commitment. It’s a trait that all wrestlers need to become successful. Whether that means physical or mental fitness, a relationship of reliability with promoters, or the consistency to go out every night you step through the curtain and give it your all. It’s something that rarely can silo between personal and professional endeavors. While MNDIY desires to keep the boundary between the two intact, you can easily see how a wrestler like Chris Jordan could find success on a larger stage, even here in Minnesota. His commitment to helping develop talent and the MIW promotion that has featured him is something that “kept him from being higher on the list” and that “didn’t see much of him outside of MIW” could be considered a knock on the veteran. Though when you see “The Genuine Article” at an MIW show, whether it be in Chanhassen, Columbia Heights, Forest Lake, the annual New Hope show, or outside over their Summer Beers and Bodyslams tour you realize that he goes all out every night and exudes a commitment to the sport of professional wrestling and its next evolution in MIW. That commitment makes their cards consistently entertaining and a top of the card that produces can’t miss match ups with anyone who steps in the ring with him. Whether that is a resurgent Ryan Cruz, the seemingly everywhere at once “Anarchist” Arik Cannon, or developing talent such as the Black Plague or Tomahawk Kid, GA has delivered show after show in 2017 a level of excellence that puts him squarely in the top wrestlers in the State.

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