Total Ballot Appearing: 20 // Ballot Points: 762 // Highest Rank: 5th

In his 3rd full year of competition, 2017 was a breakout campaign for the 6’-5” 300 lb. bruiser. “Heavy on technical, every move is well calculated. Without a doubt an undeniable force to witness squaring off against any opponent.” Lore is someone who has continued to hone his craft by seeking out additional instruction and polishing from his start training under Ian Xavier to the Prime Time Camp, over the last year at the Academy, and even under the evil Master Quinn. The hard work and tutelage has certainly paid off. Capturing the Pro Wrestling Battleground Breakout Championship as well as reigning as the current IWI Heavyweight Championship, and a grueling series of matches including an outdoor Cage Match with Mitch Paradise are among his singles accomplishments, but he has also established himself with fellow big man “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne as a tag team that can go toe-to-toe and blow-for-blow with any other duo in the State as they have run through opponents in promotions from MIW to Showtime Championship Wrestling to Northern Lights. With an upcoming slug fest with the Beer City Bruiser on tap at Prime Time Wrestling’s Annual Big Show, “continue to expect big things from him moving forward.”

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