Total Ballot Appearing: 19 // Ballot Points: 773 // Highest Rank: 2nd

“Always ready to try something new, Story is constantly learning and improving. Paired with Pete Huge in MIW, they have a fantastic chemistry and the crowd either absolutely hates or loves them”. A Never Ending reign (briefly interrupted) with the MIW Heavyweight Championship, Story looked at home at the top of the card. “Before the arrival of Air Wolf, the top prospect everyone was talking about was Scott Story. Since then he has delivered on his potential becoming one of the best wrestlers in Minnesota”. He found addition success outside MIW with a run as the Pro Wrestling Battleground Breakout Champion and recently won the Rice Street Rumble to wrap up the year, earning a shot at the Heavyweight Title at their 11th Anniversary show. Travel also brought singles and tag gold with Josh Price in his home state of North Dakota for Fully Loaded Wrestling. Finally, if you blinked you may have missed Minnesota’s third favorite Corbin brother trying to bring about the End of Days for Scott when WWE RAW was in town. Fortunately for Story, his story is Never Ending.

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