Total Ballot Appearing: 19 // Ballot Points: 844 // Highest Rank: 1st // # of 1st Place Votes: 1

What a year for this froggy sex god! While he has always been a perennial contender for any Tag Team Championship, holding gold this year in Prime Time Wrestling with his anthropomorphic partner, Wildcat, this was the year that Thunderfrog established himself as a top tier singles star. “The ALWAYS Rocked Up Amphibian is the current reigning Pro Wrestling Battleground after winning a vicious Frog Collar Match defeating Venom” in what was on a lot of year end lists for 2017 Match of the Year and the celebration at Bar Luchador afterwards was a magical moment where our wild world of wrestling fandom intersects with the rest of the world and absolutely sweeps them up in the excitement and glorious strangeness.

With his first defense of his freshly won PWB Championship coming up at the 11th Anniversary show, you know that he’s going to keep 2018 ALL ROCKED UP, BABY BOY! “Arguably the most entertaining talker on the list. He can back it up in the ring.” Also travelling outside the state to bring his mighty hammer and unique brand of battle to promotions such as Wrestle Circus or with to team with his good friend Jervis Cottonbelly, one ballot voter summed Frog up perfectly: “He lives it. 1000% hopped up on buttermilk, baby.” WOWEE!

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