Total Ballot Appearing: 20 // Ballot Points: 880 // Highest Rank: 2nd

“Rice certainly has to be near the top or at very least in the argument. A big man with great moves. People can’t get enough of the Husky Heartthrob. Willing to travel and fill a car with aspiring wrestlers wherever he goes, the man appreciates hard working talent”. While Kody Rice can always be counted on for an entertaining match and a comedy spot or two, fans who sleep on his speed and athleticism are missing what makes Kody such a versatile commodity in and out of the ring and in 2018 more promoters and fans were able to see that than ever before.

“This year Mr. 305 LIVE took his act around the horn”: Two reigns as Tag Team Champion in Pro Wrestling Battleground, trips all over the Midwest and to IWA Mid-South, title shots in MIW and Heavy On Wrestling with the later being one of the more mentioned matches by balloters, and ending the year with a dream match driven by a social media avalanche of fans and peers in and out of state that connected with his desire to step in a CZW ring. “Most indie wrestlers could be been content with the level of success a character like The Husky Heartthrob had achieved, but not Kody Rice.” His time working out at the Academy has been a learning experience that goes both ways and that desire to learn and continue to grow as a performer and find new and innovative ways to entertain. Stay husky, my friend.


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