Total Ballot Appearing: 20 // Ballot Points: 942 // Highest Rank: 1st // 1st Place Votes: 7

3 points. The most first place votes. You could argue that Arik Cannon got robbed, but that would do both him and the #1 a huge disservice. With such amazing talent at the top of this list who have traveled and wrestled together this highlights the wealth of talent we have right now. Independent wrestling in Minnesota is experiencing an incredible high right now and a The Anarchist is one of, if not the biggest part of that. From his extensive travel and brand building with F1rst Wrestling, to his coaching roles at The Academy helping to build the next generation of Minnesota Pro Wrestling, to his ability to “work with anyone top to bottom and have a great match”, he helps our scene grow every single day. “Wrestling is life for him and his contributions to the Minnesota independent scene are unprecedented.” 


This was another banner year for Cannon. From appearing alongside THE Bryan Kendrick on WWE programming to unseating current 205 Live star Ariya Daivari at Wrestlepalooza IX and defending the belt against everyone from Air Wolf to Joey Ryan over the calendar year, he was also everywhere on the local scene which we haven’t enjoyed nearly as much in recent years. MIW, Pro Wrestling Battleground, and AWF all benefited in 2017 from having Cannon wrestle up and down their cards producing fresh top notch matches. As a hometown hero, the Official PBR Pro Wrestler had what has been called “one of the best matches in MIW history” by balloters and named MIW Match of the Year against Ryan Cruz in Forest Lake. Local trainer and owner of MIW Terry Fox said it’s one of the best matches he’s ever seen. That sometimes goes unsung with all the things Arik is doing on our scene but as one voter said “he’s one of those guys that is so good at his job that you almost don’t notice it because he’s comes off so natural and fluid in that ring every time he is in it”.


From the moment he steps in the ring to his trademark clap to get the crowd going Arik Cannon is “arguably the most successful unsigned wrestler in the Twin Cities, Cannon has been everywhere forever. From goofy to hardcore, he’s a consummate entertainer.” There’s so much more that could be said, but I would simply ask that you all show off that beautiful blue ribbon and raise a Pabst and a thank you to “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon next time you see him for being one of the best ambassadors the Land of 10,000 Lakes could ask for in the wrestling world. Cheers.


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