Total Ballot Appearing: 20 // Ballot Points: 935 // Highest Rank: 1st // 1st Place Votes: 5

10 points. Of the top three spots, all three appeared on all 20 ballots and out of 1000 possible points, the first graduate of the Academy: School of Professional Wrestling at Wrestlepalooza X, fell only 10 points being voted the top wrestler in the state. “Seeing Air Wolf, from his graduation onward to teaming with Colt Cabana and main eventing against Daivari and Arik Cannon is exhilarating, because you know that this kid IS going to make it big.  It’s just a matter of time.  It’s been fun seeing his first steps on the way.” The hype is real and Wolf received a number of other comments that are too important to ignore from the group of voters. “Best rookie I have seen in my 15+ years of following the local scene” just highlights the steep learning curve that Air Wolf has tackled this year. “Talented, crisp, energetic and a quick learner. Airwolf has been working his tail off traveling, self promoting and being a great ambassador for independent wrestling.”

This year has seen Air Wolf capture the IWI Tag Team Titles with Angel Dorado after an extended feud with the YOLO Bros as well as spending time as the Pro Wrestling Battleground Breakout Championship. His challenge to coach Arik Cannon for his Wrestlepalooza Championship may have fallen short, but he will get his rematch this June at Wrestlepalooza XII. In addition to earning other title challenges in Heavy On Wrestling and MIW and regular work all over the state, Wolf has impressed on his travels to IWA Mid-South going up against Kody Rice as well as a spotlight match against Jimmy Jacobs. “Nearly every match he has is the best match of his life. Now granted, he’s only eighteen, so it’s not a long life yet, but he’s made the most of it.”

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