NAME: Clark Feldman
YEARS PRO: 1 year
FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: The Electric Ref Slide, The People’s Mat Pound, Arguing With Wrestlers That It Was Only 2.

BIO: Recent graduate of The Academy School of Professional Wrestling. I initially started out training to wrestle. Despite private sessions, the regular training schedule, and getting ring time via helping out at local shows, things just weren’t clicking for me. A few months in, a show needed a referee and since I was being a #goodbrother with setting up the ring, chairs, etc I got tapped to give it a try. That was a lightbulb moment. I had an absolute blast and loved putting on the stripes. Countless (ha!) seminars, shows, and miles later I’ve had an awesome first year and can’t wait to see what 2018 has.

Instagram – refclarkfeldman
Twitter – @refclarkfeldman


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