26993522_10154925479376116_6245595272590874940_nSteel Domain presents WINTER WARFARE 20TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW // The American Legion Auditorium – Richfield, MN
Results thanks to Nick Caron

+ SDW Owner Ed Hellier announced the purchase of Prime Time Wrestling, along with his business partner, The Golden Idol. SDW will run one more show at the Richfield American Legion before permanently changing venues to run future shows at the Bloomington Knights of Columbus.

+ Kyle Pro, Brandon Gore and Red Lightning defeated Tomahawk Kid, Kal Creed and Tyler Jones in a Six-Man Tag when Kyle Pro pinned Tomahawk Kid following a reverse standing fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker.

+ Ricky Love defeated Matt Sigmon via low blow followed by a schoolboy.

+ Ken Anderson defeated Jimmy Morales (James Tapia) via pinfall after Mic Check.


+ Three Under Par (c) defeated AJ Smooth & AJ LaRocque via pinfall after Tommy Lee Curtis interfered, hitting LaRocque with a foreign object behind the referee’s back. Three Under Par retained the SDW Tag Team Championships.

+ Stacy Shadows (c) w/ The Golden Idol defeated Sierra via pinfall after a bridging German suplex and interference from The Golden Idol. Shadows retained the SDW Women’s Championship.

+ Mitch Paradise (c) defeated Tommy Lee Curtis via powerbomb after botched interference from The Golden Idol. Paradise retained the SDW Heavyweight Championship.


26230025_10156010482396100_1947528910331145037_nAWF presents ELK RIVER ELIMINATION // Elk River High School – Elk River, MN

+ Arik Cannon def. Ryan Cruz

+ JDX def. Jaden Roller

Battle Royal for AWF Title #1 Contendership
+ Super Thunderfrog and Jaden Roller go over at the same time and both get a spot in the Main Event

+ Air Wolf def. Darin Corbin

+ Richards & Maxwell def. “Down Town” Petey Brown & Angel Dorado

AWF Heavyweight Title Match
Jacob Savage retains over Thunderfrog and Nick Nelson

MIW presents ANARCHY IN THE NEW YEAR // American Legion – Chanhassen, MN
Results thanks to Heel Turn Radio

MIW Champion “Never Ending” Scott Story is out to start the show with Tom T. Butterman in tow.

Black Plague comes out to interrupt and calls out El Bano much to the delight of the crowd. Lore and Bano come to blows and we have our first match of the evening.

+ El Bano def. Lore via DQ after interference from Stonehenge

A recently reinstated Mitch Paradise comes out to make the save. He and Bano call out Black Plague for a tag team match later tonight and somehow Crooked Terry Fox makes the match for later.

+ “The Young Gun” Rylie Jackson def. “Miami Money” Aiden Wake via Pinfall

+ “Genuine Article” Chris Jordan def. Tomahawk Kid via Pinfall after a Superplex

Afterward, Jordan gets a mic and gives a speech about his upcoming Career vs. Title match against Scott Story and thanks Chanhassen for ten great years in case it is his last match there.

INTERMISSION (#Fighteousness is looking ripped)

+ Black Plague (Lore + Stonehenge) def. El Bano + Mitch Paradise

+ Kal Creed def. James Tapia via Pinfall

+ “Never Ending” Scott Story def. Arik Cannon to retain the MIW Championship after major Butterman interference

After the match, Story grabs a chair to attack but Chris Jordan comes out and makes the save and leaves Butterman to Arik Cannon who makes quick work of him with a punch and superkick followed by a Jordan elbow off the top turnbuckle.

Cannon encourages Kenny to make the pin on Butterman and The Anarchist counts the three much to Chanhassen’s delight.

26734059_1982286675344379_3027433420648212904_nMAW presents THE QUEST BEGINS // Uncle Mike’s M Pour E Yum – Hudson, WI
Results thanks to GrappleTalk  + Nick Caron


This event is titled “The Quest Begins” as it will begin the tournament to crown the first Midwest All-Star Wrestling heavyweight champion. Numerous tournament combatants were brought into the ring by Brian Sager as he unveiled the championship title. Tommy “Spiderbaby” Saturday has already earned a first round bye by being the lone survivor in an eight-man tag match at a previous event.

MAW Championship Tournament – Round 1
School Boy defeated El Tigre with a school boy roll-up while holding the tights

Next we saw an in-ring promo from Steve Stardom, AC Riley and Tommy “Spiderbaby” Saturday. The three men called themselves “The Feature” as they are the feature presentation in MAW.

MAW Championship Tournament – Round 1
Zakk Neo defeated Stonehenge Joseph Wayne with a leaping spin kick to the face. Neo was accompanied by a brand new valet, Lissa Rae.

Singles Match
Moses Mayhem defeated Aiden Wake via spear in a very short match. Wake quickly snatched the microphone and berated Mayhem for attacking him before the opening bell had rung, noting that the match had never officially started. The referee agreed and the match finally did officially begin. Mayhem immediately hit Wake with a spinebuster and got another quick pinfall.

MAW Championship Tournament – Round 1
Steve Stardom defeated Maru via pinfall after hitting him with a loaded fist, which appeared to be brass knuckles covered in athletic tape.


Aiden Wake attacked Moses Mayhem at ringside as we came out of intermission, only to be thrown in the ring, hit with a clothesline and pinned for another 1-2-3, this time counted by Mayhem himself. This was the third fall that Wake took at the hands of Mayhem on the afternoon, though only one officially counted.

Singles Match – Winner gets Leonard Literacy’s spot in the MAW Championship Tournament
Wild Pete defeated Leonard Literacy by pinfall
This match was refereed by the same official who incorrectly counted a pinfall on Literacy, who had kicked out prior to the three count, at the previous MAW show. This was a back and forth match which eventually saw Literacy knock the referee down with an accidental forearm. Another referee came out and was counting a pinfall for Literacy when Sean Slade from the Breaking Knyte podcast interfered to save Wild Pete by pulling the second referee out of the ring. Slade then threw a steel chair into the ring, which Pete used to pedigree Literacy onto. Pete rolled Literacy over and the original referee counted the pinfall for Wild Pete. Literacy has now lost to Wild Pete at three straight MAW events and will be replaced by Wild Pete in the MAW Championship tournament.

Singles Match
Tommy “Spiderbaby” Saturday defeated Petey Brown via pinfall with his feet on the middle rope.

MAW Championship Tournament – Round 1
Garrisaon Creed defeated AC Riley in a “bootcamp” match. The rules of this bout were that one combatant must pin his opponent for a three count, then the downed opponent would have until the referee’s count to 10 to get back to his feet.

This match saw some painful-looking spots, including a suplex from Creed onto Riley in the bar area of the venue, a few welt-forming strikes with a kendo stick from Creed onto Riley and the eventual final blow: a frog splash from Creed onto Riley on top of a pile of Legos.

Creed extended his hand to Riley after the match against the pleas from fans in attendance but Creed explained that Riley stepped into his world with the bootcamp match and showed everyone that he can take a beating. Riley took the microphone and told Creed to “go to hell.” Spiderbaby and Steve Stardom, Riley’s fellow members of The Feature, attacked Creed from behind and laid a beating on him. Maru tried to make the save but was overwhelmed by The Feature. Finally Maru and Creed were saved by Petey Brown, El Tigre and Moses Mayhem who knocked The Feature out of the ring.

Brian Sager took the microphone and announced that Maru and a partner of his choosing would face the duo of AC Riley and Steve Stardom when MAW returns to Uncle Mike’s M-Pour-E-Yum in Hudson, WI on February 11th.

Fans and wrestlers began to file out of the building when Leonard Literacy jumped Wild Pete from behind as he sat with the members of The Breaking Knyte podcast. They were quickly pulled apart by ringside attendants and fellow wrestlers, but it appears that Literacy is not ready to give up on his quest to defeat Wild Pete.

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