30727771_10156433279647664_536780618902536192_nAWF presents PINE ISLAND MANIA // Pine Island High School– Pine Island, MN

+ Nick “The Natural” Nelson def. “Down Town” Petey Brown after interference by Big Slick Willie

+ AWF Rookie Showcase: Crixus def. Big Slick Willie

+ Angel Dorado def. Gerard Castle

+ Sterling Bond def. Giant Griffin after a Low Blow

+ Arik Cannon def. JDX

+ Craven Knyte def. Ryan Cruz

28471733_2003681843204862_3682010447355783559_nPro Wrestling 4 Causes/MAW/Women of Nations presents Grandslam 2018 // American Indian Center – Minneapolis, MN

+ Best 2/3 Falls – Match Craven Knyte def. Ryan Cruz

+ MAW All-Star Warrior Battle Royal – “The Midwest Mack Truck” Moses Mayhem eliminating “The Maulers”: Damien Graves and Joseph Wayne

+ IPW Championship Match – Brooke Valentine (c) def Kara Noia via Pinfall

+ MAW Championship Title Contract Ladder Match – “The Dark Prophet” Orin Veidt def. Jacob Savage

+ Steel Cage Match – Stephen “Chainsaw” King def. “Heavy Metal” Lore

6. Special Challenge in a Steel Cage – Austin Arrow def. Aaron Corbin


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