NAME: DJ Draper
FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: Prefer to finish shows with after parties featuring at least average quality food and/or drink tickets. Oh; wrestling maneuvers? Longing to see an atomic drop or a snap mare used as a finish.

BIO: Debuted as a ring announcer in 2002. Voice of AWF’s television programming since 2010. Has served honorably as commissioner of the FLWA. Occasional manager. Ring announced or handled play-by-play duties for just about every indy group in Minnesota at one point or another including the aforementioned AWF and FLWA, plus Crushed, MIW, SDW, no fewer than four incarnations of PWA, Pro Battleground Battleground, Neo Pro, NLW, several others erased from memory for good reason, a one-off for Ring of Honor and more.

Facebook – djdanielson
Twitter – @DJDanielson


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