33469251_10160284314950548_4754413180447358976_oF1rst Wrestling presents OPEN STREETS SLAM // Up-Down – Minneapolis, MN

Darin Corbin/Lore Def. Tomahawk Kid/GYASI via Dimebag Darrell Drop on Tomahawk Kid

Dak Draper def. Deonn Rusman via Pinfall (and foot on the ropes)

Giant Griffin def. Steve Manders, Kyle Pro, James Tapia, Rylie Jackson, and JDX via Chokeslam on Manders

Minnesota Wrecking Zoo (Thunderfrog & Wildcat) def. The Headcrushers

Air Wolf & Angel Dorado def. St. Paul Suplex Machine (Kal Creed & Brandon Gore)

Ryan Cruz def. Venom, Scott Story, Rob James, Kody Rice, and Rob Justice

Marti Belle def. Kara Noia

Dak Draper def. Connor Braxton

Kyle Pro def. Angel Dorado

Kody Rice def. Venom

Giant Griffin def. Heavy Metal Lore, Rylie Jackson

Darin Corbin def. Arik Cannon via Ginger Snap

Air Wolf/James Tapia/Rylie Jackson/Brandon Gore/Kyle Pro vs. Joeasa/Deonn Rusman/Connor Braxton/Steve Manders/GYASI

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