The Midwest Mack Truck steamrolled the competition in MAW this year, never taking a pin fall loss during the entire MNDIY50 judging period of 2018. He also won the MAW Warrior Spirit battle royal at Grand Slam 2018 and would likely have already competed for the MAW championship if it wasn’t around the waist of his Critical Mass tag team partner Garrisaon Creed. The tag team is looking to win Tag Team gold in early 2019 as they compete in the Semi-Finals to crown the inaugural MAW Tag Champions. Late in the voting period Mayhem also wrestled for AWF and looks toward branching out more in the coming year.
(Photo: Effie Stop)


The third, but not final female entry on this list, Sierra has moved from clever character with a solid set of skills to one of the premiere female talents in the region. Wrestling predominantly for Showtime Championship Wrestling where she feuded with Kara Noia, she also showed up in MAW and Steel Domain oftentimes continuing that feud. She forged a partnership with Rylie Jackson of The Firm and Vanessa Azure as the Pretty Patties diversifying The Firm’s investments in the best up and coming talent and taking advantage of Showtime running in MN and WI. Hopefully her stock continues to rise and land her back in Minnesota regularly in the year to come.
(Photo: Knocked Out Entertainment)


Iowa’s Nathen Edwards was seen sparingly in Minnesota in 2018, but he delivered some incredible show-stealing performances that have to put him on this year’s MNDIY50. Lil N8’s feud with Air Wolf in Showtime Championship Wrestling continued and he impressed in both of his Heavy on Wrestling performances, winning the four-way match against Kody Rice, Scott Story and Ryan Cruz at FortuneBaynia becoming the first qualifier for the new Heritage Championship, then followed it up with a great victory over JDX at Black Sunday. Add that to his regular musical stylings and Young Prince Soundcloud is truly a double threat worth booking.
(Photo: Effie Stop)


When he isn’t busy being Gorgeous or lifting all the heavy things, he’s border hopping to make appearances at AWF, Battleground, MAW, and Showtime. Often teaming alongside partner Joey Avalon, Jordy Lee is one of the best at providing a unique combination of energy, excitement and even comedic relief. While he has a little Deech on the way which may limit his Minnesota wrestling for a bit of 2019, fans will always look forward to an appearance from Jordy Lee, Famous Wrestler.
(Photo: Ricky Bassman)


Accompanied by his trusty shovel, Joey Avalon has proven to be one of the most vicious and dangerous wrestlers we’ve seen cross the border from Wisconsin into Minnesota. While he wasn’t a regular performer in any one promotion in 2018, Avalon made appearances in MIW, Battleground, SDW, MAW, and AWF; making him one of the more well-traveled and visible talents Minnesota imported last year. He is a true hoss who can do a bit of everything.
(Photo: Effie Stop)

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