2018 was a banner year for Tomahawk Kid which has ended in transition. His feud with Chris Jordan in MIW ran throughout their season of shows in Chanhassen and his run alongside Kal Creed as the “Kid and Creed Connection” earned him a tag team championship in Pro Wrestling Battleground. Near the end of the year he addressed the heritage of his persona and is undergoing a rebirth of sorts. Hopefully the drive and fiery passion that pushed him this year will lead him to emerge in 2019 to even greater success with his new monicker.
(Photo: Effie Stop)


“The Renaissance” continues to be one of the most important pieces on the Showtime roster even after losing his Future Clash championship. Noren’s unique character, innovative promo work, and willingness to do just about anything make him one of the more entertaining personalities in the state. In addition, his “Renaissance Review” shows were a brilliant combination of wrestling, music, comedy and all around entertainment. While those shows aren’t completely focused on wrestling, they do bring attention to the local wrestling scene and that extra effort is just another example of why Noren is such a great champion for wrestling in Minnesota.
(Photo: Artist x Christopher Huffman)

Note: Noren insisted that if his visage were to be reduced to black and white that we also feature his artwork in the banner for the countdown, hence the Ricky Noren original “Warm Self” c. 2006, pictured al fresco, with placement by the Artist.


Although, he is typically out enforcing law and order, Rob Justice still finds time to bring his unique brand of authority to rings across the state. Wrestling across the state, Justice had another big year and is one of those rare personalities who fans can immediately recognize as someone they want to hate. His work as an officer of the law brings unique usage of foreign objects which may or may not conform to the rules of the ring, but certainly reinforce his unique brand of Justice. So if you’re ever heading down to Cobb… err, Hennepin… ehh, well, let’s just say he gets around and his jurisdiction tends to be all inclusive, much like the jail cells he’d like to send you to.
(Photo: Indulging Disorderly)


In a sport where it’s often easy to fall into routine, Leonard Literacy really made some incredible strides to improve himself in 2018. Literacy trimmed down and enrolled for some additional training at The Academy this year, all of which were evident in his in-ring improvements. “The Book Club,” including Literacy and Dewey Decimal, were among the most active wrestlers in Midwest All-Star Wrestling. Literacy culminated a year-plus-long feud with Wild Pete as the two battled in a “Three Stages of Hate” series of matches in November ending with a top-rope Book Driver sending his rival through multiple seated chairs. Reading has never been more hardcore.
(Photo: Trigger Happy Kitty)


A fixture on the Pro Wrestling Battleground roster, Giant Griffin held the tag team championship alongside his partner Kody Rice for the better part of the first-half of 2018 before losing the titles to The Kid and Creed Connection in May. He also featured prominently in F1rst Wrestling’s outdoor Summer series of shows and VFW dates to the delight of the crowds. The Eighth Wonder of Minneapolis might be higher on the list could his enormous body take the brunt of working more dates, but his role as a special attraction keeps fans coming back for more.
(Photo: Knocked Out Entertainment)

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