The inaugural champion of Midwest All-Star Wrestling, Garrisaon Creed went from relative unknown to establishing himself as a regular on the Minnesota scene with a huge upset victory over Jacob Savage to win the title in their Championship Tournament. With victories over Chainsaw King, Ryan Cruz and Rylie Jackson, Creed impressed enough to also find work in SDW, NLW and AWF and looks to compete regularly more broadly in 2019.
(Photo: Effie Stop)


One of the most physically and psychologically intimidating wrestlers that has stepped into a Minnesota ring in 2018, Chainsaw King has been quite active in Minnesota this year despite living out-of-state. He had impressive performances in Heavy on Wrestling and Midwest All-Star Wrestling and despite not bringing home any gold continued to establish himself as a go-to monster in the Midwest and introduce new talent that travels with him to our scene.
(Photo: Knocked Out Entertainment)

2018 MNDIY 50.png

People may view Stonehenge as a tag team specialist and while that is certainly a part of his arsenal, Stonehenge is the type of wrestler who fits just about anywhere on the card. Having the size to be a credible opponent for the likes of Mitch Paradise, Heavy Metal Lore (when they aren’t teaming as The Black Plague), or Chainsaw King, he is also a feature for hoss fights across the State this year. His work alongside Lore as the Black Plague was probably his best in 2018 and it made him a must-see attraction in MIW as well as Battleground, where he became a Tag Team Champion in October.
(Photo: Knocked Out Entertainment)


Danny Duggan didn’t work as much in Minnesota during the second-half of 2018, but the first half of his year was strong enough to make him an obvious choice to be on the MNDIY50. Duggan wrestled Craven Knyte and Darin Corbin in Prime Time, Mitch Paradise in SDW, Super Thunderfrog and King Leonidas in Crushed and even former WWE superstar Jack Swagger at Heavy On Wrestling’s FortuneBaynia in addition to branching out from his CWE brand north of the border to promote a Midwest Wrestling Elite show in the Metro area featuring Arn Anderson (his father from another mather).
(Photo: Effie Stop)


Following a light schedule in 2017, Craven Knyte made his return to active in-ring work in 2018, working primarily in AWF, MAW, and Steel Domain. He also made appearances in FLWA, MIW, and at Prime Time Wrestling’s final show. Knyte is a physical specimen  capable of working both as a face or as a heel and his athleticism is truly something to behold. Is it too much to make another “we’re Craven more” for 2019 joke?
(Photo: Trigger Happy Kitty)

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