2018 mndiy 50 (1)Super Thunderfrog is the fan favorite force for good that we deserve. A fun-loving Frog God with a penchant for all things Rocked Up, he stole the show throughout 2018 in both singles competition, tag action (with long-time partner Wildcat), and in Trios action adding in Air Wolf. Making a triumphant return to Pro Wrestling Battleground, he engaged in a violent feud with Venom fighting on (and OFF) the balcony of Wilebski’s, and culminating in Frog capturing the Championship from the King of Throwdown. He continued to be a regular for F1rst Wrestling wowee-ing hardcore and casual audiences alike as F1rst expanded their number of outdoor shows this year giving this Thunder God more room to hit his Frog Splash on some of the best wrestlers in the US. He also wrestled throughout the year for AWF, MAW, MIW, and Heavy On Wrestling making a mark in every ring he entered. As mentioned earlier in the countdown he had a homecoming of sorts to CHIKARA Pro as he, Wildcat, and Air Wolf wrestled as the Galactic Wildlife Commission at King of Trios, one of the largest pro wrestling tournaments in the World! They say you can’t go home again, but that doesn’t seem to apply to Thunderfrogs.

(Photo: KnockedOutEntertainment)

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