2018 MNDIY 50 (2).pngIn 2018, Scott Story spent 72 combined weeks as Champion at two of the top promotions in Minnesota this year (MIW, Pro Wrestling Battleground). Besting Chris Jordan and Venom for his most recent reigns, he has made defenses of both belts against a champions row of Arik Cannon (both belts), Darin Corbin (twice in Battleground), Kody Rice (both belts), Mitch Paradise (multiple defenses, and Ryan Cruz. Those impressive runs would be enough for some, but his accomplishments don’t stop there. Story’s had roles both at F1RST Wrestling events as well as Heavy On Wrestling, while his ongoing best-of-five series with Air Wolf in Midwest All Star Wrestling has already delivered some memorable matches while showing change that his character has undergone over the course of 2018. The continued evolution of the local scene with the influx of young wrestlers coming out of The Academy have only served to motivate Story to continue to evolve himself, and he has done more effectively than anytime in his career in 2018.

(Photo: KnockedOutEntertainment)

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