2018 MNDIY 50 (5).png
Last year, after we released the MNDIY 50, Orin Veidt was one of the few to respond regarding his ranking, and he wasn’t happy. If there’s one thing that “The Dark Prophet” is not is being afraid to speak his mind. “I should have been in the Top 10.” While the 2017 voters disagreed, in 2018, they recognized a year that saw him take giant steps upward. He’ll be the first to say he’s the “resident deathmatch guy” but it was his storytelling and great instincts on the mic and in the ring that moved him up the the rankings this year. Veidt wrestled regularly for a number of the promotions in the Twin Cities, but made his mark against Jacob Savage in a pair of matches in Crushed Pro and at GrandSlam for MAW incorporating his hardcore instincts. Not limiting himself to old rivals, he also had some of his best matches of the year against the next generation of wrestlers graduating from the Academy including JDX, Kyle Pro, Rylie Jackson, and Sebastian Taylor. Although his popularity in the deathmatch ranks has grown this year taking him out of state more often, the “Wizard King” is committed to making his mark locally and bringing up the next wave of Minnesota wrestlers with him.

(Photo: Effie Stop)