2018 MNDIY 50 (4).png
Marking one of the largest jumps on the list, the “Young Gun” Rylie Jackson has made a name for himself in a tale of two personas. In most of the state, the “Young Gun” has become one of the most hated heels with antics that might rub some the wrong way, but hey – that’s his job, right? Simultaneously, he has improved greatly as a face becoming one of the top stars for MIW despite having a look that is a throwback to dastardly movie villains of the 80’s and 90’s gracing the silver screen well before he was born. Jackson’s 2018 was highlighted by becoming the Pro Wrestling Battleground Breakout champion and defending it not only in Battleground, but Showtime Championship Wrestling as well. Despite those successes, his most memorable match of the year might be the all out brawl he had against his mentor and stablemate, Orin Veidt, for Midwest All-Star Wrestling. Speaking of, is there any wrestler in the State that has learned from and leveraged his fellow wrestlers than Rylie Jackson? While The Firm appears to be going undergoing another transition as we head into 2019, his partnerships including fellow Academy trainees graduates, as well as Veidt, have served him well and are reflected in his huge gains this year.

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