MNDIY50: #10 – Chris Jordan

Total Ballot Appearing: 18 // Ballot Points: 704 // Highest Rank: 3rd Commitment. It’s a trait that all wrestlers need to become successful. Whether that means physical or mental fitness, a relationship of reliability with promoters, or the consistency to go out every night you step through the curtain and give it your all. It’s … Continue reading MNDIY50: #10 – Chris Jordan

MNDIY50: 20-11

Welcome to the MNDIY 50. For the wrestlers ranked 50-11 there will be short paragraphs including thoughts from those who submitted ballots as well as conversations throughout the year on their achievements and accolades. Direct quotes will be referenced as such whereas the rest is delightful conjecture from yours truly. Click here for the MNDIY50 Intro // MNDIY50: … Continue reading MNDIY50: 20-11