The 2018 MNDIY 50

“This is the best. You get to spend the whole show just putting everyone over.” This may be my favorite moment of the year. While sitting doing commentary, we had one of the young local wrestlers turn to us and express that amazing energy that is infectious in the Minnesota pro wrestling scene: We’re all … Continue reading The 2018 MNDIY 50

MNDIY50: #1 – Darin Corbin

Total Ballot Appearing: 20 // Ballot Points: 945 // Highest Rank: 1st // 1st Place Votes: 5 Keep Wrestling Fun. It is a simple mantra and it is important. From the first time you see professional wrestling to the moment that you discover the mechanisms that drive storylines, promotions, and matches, that magic is something … Continue reading MNDIY50: #1 – Darin Corbin