2018 MNDIY 50: 30-26

2018 was a banner year for Tomahawk Kid which has ended in transition. His feud with Chris Jordan in MIW ran throughout their season of shows in Chanhassen and his run alongside Kal Creed as the “Kid and Creed Connection” earned him a tag team championship in Pro Wrestling Battleground. Near the end of the … Continue reading 2018 MNDIY 50: 30-26

2018 MNDIY 50: 35-31

The Midwest Mack Truck steamrolled the competition in MAW this year, never taking a pin fall loss during the entire MNDIY50 judging period of 2018. He also won the MAW Warrior Spirit battle royal at Grand Slam 2018 and would likely have already competed for the MAW championship if it wasn't around the waist of … Continue reading 2018 MNDIY 50: 35-31