MNDIY Profile: Patient X

NAME: Patient X YEARS PRO: Unknown FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: The Decapitator BIO: After being institutionalized for a period of time, Luke X no longer has a personal identity. What was once human has now become an animal bent on seeking out vengeance. The doctors have exhausted both legal and illegal means of treatment and have come to the conclusion that … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Patient X

MNDIY Profile: Angry Dragon

NAME: Angry Dragon YEARS PRO: 12 Years FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Donkey Punch, Filthy Sanchez BIO: The Angry Dragon first appeared in Maple Grove Minnesota for the MPW final show. Sad about his debut Loss and Later loss to Ashley Adams, he went back to Japan. He has recently resurfaced to join the Prophet in his efforts to dominate … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Angry Dragon

MNDIY Profile: Ángel Dorado

NAME: Ángel Dorado YEARS PRO: 1 Year FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: 450 Splash, Springboard Cutter BIO: Currently training at The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling and with Josh Calisto and has wrestled for IWI, Pro Wrestling Battleground, and Showtime Championship Wrestling. SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram – lucha_angel1 Twitter- @lucha_angel1 BOOKING INFO: E.mail at

MNDIY Profile: AC Riley

NAME: AC Riley YEARS PRO: 9 years, Debut: 3/29/08 FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Gator Suplex, Short-Arm Forearm into Half-Straight Jacket Submission, Godsmack (Spinning Fireman's Carry Stunner) BIO: Trained by David Bonner and "Superstar" Steve Stardom in 2007, with additional training provided by Josh Calisto & Mike Rollins. Have attended camps led by names such as Swoggle, U-Gene, Austin Aries, … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: AC Riley