MNDIY Profile: Zuka King

NAME: Zuka King YEARS PRO: 2 years 8 Months FINISHING/SIGNATURE MANEUVERS: Cross face Chicken Wing, E.N.D Elbow BIO: From Charleston, South Carolina started training To Become a Professional Wrestler at the age of 25. Trained by The Fabulous Playboy Bob Keller and The Southern Savior John Skyler... In such a short time Zuka King has competed … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Zuka King

MNDIY Podcasts: Dive Club

HOSTS: Clark Feldman & The Ultimate Worrier featuring Miss JL YEARS PRO: Just getting started, baby! FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Ten Count, Crippling Social Anxiety BIO: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – a referee and some dude from Twitter walk into a bar, say “ouch.” Classic. Dive Club was born from a pitcher of margaritas at Bar Luchador … Continue reading MNDIY Podcasts: Dive Club

MNDIY Profile: Koda Jacobs

NAME: Koda Jacobs YEARS PRO: <1 FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: The Swing Vote (Corkscrew Vertical Suplex) BIO: St. Paul native, trained by Ken Anderson, Shawn Daivari, and Arik Cannon via The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling (Minneapolis, MN). Competed thus far for Showtime Championship Wrestling (MN/WI), Pro Wrestling Battleground (MN), River City Championship Wrestling (WI), and MIAW … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Koda Jacobs

MNDIY Profile: “The Renaissance” Ricky Noren

NAME: "The Renaissance" Ricky Noren YEARS PRO: <1 FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: No finisher. I use whatever gets the job done. BIO: Started training at The Academy in December 2016. Partner in #TheFirm. "If wrestling is an art, than I am it's Picasso, it's upsetter. Some will be repulsed by my work, and others will see it for the genius that … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: “The Renaissance” Ricky Noren