MNDIY Profile: Kara Noia

NAME: Kara Noia YEARS PRO: < 1 FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: Pendulum DDT BIO: Currently training at The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling with the goal of being the first female graduate. So far I have wrestled for Fully Loaded Wrestling in ND, but I have many debuts on the horizon in MN, WI, and IL SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook - … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Kara Noia

MNDIY Profile: Koda Jacobs

NAME: Koda Jacobs YEARS PRO: <1 FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: The Swing Vote (Corkscrew Vertical Suplex) BIO: St. Paul native, trained by Ken Anderson, Shawn Daivari, and Arik Cannon via The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling (Minneapolis, MN). Competed thus far for Showtime Championship Wrestling (MN/WI), Pro Wrestling Battleground (MN), River City Championship Wrestling (WI), and MIAW … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Koda Jacobs

MNDIY Profile: “The Renaissance” Ricky Noren

NAME: "The Renaissance" Ricky Noren YEARS PRO: <1 FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: No finisher. I use whatever gets the job done. BIO: Started training at The Academy in December 2016. Partner in #TheFirm. "If wrestling is an art, than I am it's Picasso, it's upsetter. Some will be repulsed by my work, and others will see it for the genius that … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: “The Renaissance” Ricky Noren

MNDIY Profile: Rylie Jackson

NAME: "The Young Gun" Rylie Jackson YEARS PRO: <1 FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: Headshot (Shining Wizard) BIO: Debuting in September 2017 and trained by Ken Anderson & Shawn Daivari, Jackson wrestles around in the Midwest (three states so far) and his goal is to be the best. SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook - TheYoungGunRJ Instagram - t.y.g._ryliejackson BOOKING INFO: E.mail at or DM … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Rylie Jackson

MNDIY Profile: Joey Keys

NAME: Joey Keys YEARS PRO: <1 FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: Key to Victory (Shining Wizard) BIO: Joey Keys trained at the Academy of Professional Wrestling. Currently wrestling throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Goal at this moment is to wrestle in the United Kingdom. SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook - JoeyKeysProWrestling Instagram - joey_keys_pro_wrestling BOOKING INFO: DM through Facebook or e.mail at

MNDIY Profile: Brandon Gore

NAME: Brandon Gore YEARS PRO: < 1 Year FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: GorePlex (Pumphandle Rock Bottom), 3/4 Suplex, PerfectPlex, Tec Fall (Inverted Sharpshooter) BIO: Brandon Gore has traveled across the Midwest early in his wrestling career wrestling for promotions like Midwest All Pro Wrestling, Steel Domain, Battleground, Impact Pro Wrestling, ICW Wisconsin, Showtime Championship Wrestling, and F1rst Wrestling. … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Brandon Gore

MNDIY Profile: Referee Clark Feldman

NAME: Clark Feldman YEARS PRO: 1 year FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: The Electric Ref Slide, The People's Mat Pound, Arguing With Wrestlers That It Was Only 2. BIO: Recent graduate of The Academy School of Professional Wrestling. I initially started out training to wrestle. Despite private sessions, the regular training schedule, and getting ring time via helping out … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Referee Clark Feldman

MNDIY Profile: Tommy “The SpiderBaby” Saturday

NAME: Tommy "The SpiderBaby" Saturday YEARS PRO: 16 years FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Trapdoor (Reverse Diamond Dust), Flytrap (Modified Muta Lock), Tangled Web (Modified Indian Death Lock) BIO: The wrestling ring is his web, or so insists Tommy "The SpiderBaby" Saturday. Although recognized by his fans and his peers as one of the Midwest's most proficient and varied … Continue reading MNDIY Profile: Tommy “The SpiderBaby” Saturday