19388653_669492989902962_8929328256515781443_oMIW presents Beers & Bodyslams Tour! // Inn Kahoots  – Hamel, MN
Results courtesy of Heel Turn Radio, detailed write-up forthcoming

+ El Bano def. Leonard Literacy via Pinfall

+ “Mr. Entertainment” Ty Cooper def. “The 8th Wonder of Minneapolis” Giant Griffin

+ “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne def. Chris Jordan via Pinfall

+ “Down Town” Petey Brown Def. “Miami Money” Aiden Wake

+ MIW Championship Match: Ryan Cruz def. Scott Story via Pinfall
Afterwards, Butterman announces that since he was hit, he was calling for a disqualification which reversed the decision and Scott Story is STILL your MIW Champion.

Time to build… that… CAGE!

+ Cage Match: Heavy Metal Lore def. Mitch Paradise via Pinfall


19961528_10155608871597664_84515349623548181_nAWF presents True Grit // Tucker’s Tavern – Elysian, MN

Results forthcoming.

The Superstars of the AWF return to Elysian, MN
Saturday, July 22nd! Don’t miss AWF American Wrestling FederationHeavyweight Champion Jaden Roller, Midwest Heritage Champion Nick “The Natural” NelsonJacob SavageBig SeppOrin Veidt “The Dark Prophet”Super ThunderfrogRandy Raynes and many more!




19396731_10155371962973419_2205816251768412185_nSteel Domain presents LEGIONMANIA // American Legion  – Richfield, MN
Razzlin’ Rick was here and you can check out his full review on his Facebook page.

1. Chadwick Wentworth III with Brick McCarthy def. Craven Knyte via Pinfall

2. Stacy Shadows def. Malia Hosaka via Pinfall

3. “Happy Hour”, Ryan Slade & Ricky Love def. The Temple Of Terror’s Tommy Lee Curtis & AJ Smooth via Pinfall

4. “Canadian Crusher” AJ LaRock def. Brick McCarthy with Chadwick Wentworth III via Pinfall

5. “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas with Ed Hellier VS “Hot Shot” Danny Duggan ends in a Double DQ, No Contest


19959339_1907029122850409_2770674787166713909_nPrime Time Wrestling presents LIVE WRESTLING! // The Pourhouse  – Minneapolis, MN
Review courtesy of Ultimate Worrier

Next to Clyde Iron Works, The Pourhouse is probably the nicest venue where I’ve had an opportunity to see a show. That said, a homeless guy with a big WILL WRESTLE FOR FOOD sign slouched down on the couches behind the ring. Out to prove that even in small numbers, Minnesota Nice lives on strong, several fans stepped up to give him a dollar, a giant pretzel and a leftover burger and fries. Bless.
Greg MacDonald welcomed a super light crowd to Prime Time Wrestling, which was great because he’s always wanted to have a wrestling show for a small group of friends. Dreams come true. He also gave us permission to throw beer at wrestlers and I honestly still can’t believe no one took him up on the offer.
+Billy Blaze w/ The Megans vs. Leaky Steve ended in a Double Count Out
KILL THE MUSIC. Billy has just about through with Minneapolis. Dirty, dirty Minneapolis with its crime and its homeless people who people just LET INTO BARS and GIVE THEM PRETZELS, or uh… wieners? Is that a pretzel or a wiener? (It’s a pretzel). Do pretzels even look like wieners? (They don’t). Like, maybe you could mistake one of those Snyder’s pretzel rods for a Slim Jim from a good distance in the dark, but a Slim Jim isn’t really a wiener and I’m not turning this recap into an, “is a hot dog a sandwich?”-style debate. (It is).

So, who is this mystery man? It’s Leaky Steve and Billy is going to kick his ass without even touching him… and then immediately proceeds to touch him. With fists. It was an all-out brawl, with punches, kicks and an ill-advised headbutt to Leaky Steve’s fetid crotch that sent Billy reeling to the outside, trying to escape to the very streets Leaky Steve calls home. It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. While the fight raged on outside of the ring, the referee counted both men out, but it didn’t stop either man’s fury. They continued to battle from pillar to post, post to pillar, bar stool to confused bro who just wandered in with no sign of letting up until… Leaky Steve went to the bathroom for some reason.

Like, for a while.

Assuming Leaky Steve didn’t wash his hands, an even filthier battle took place after he was through and continued upstairs to… somewhere. Who knows? They could still be fighting.

+Air Wolf def. “King of Psycho Style” AJ Bond
Amid a chorus of “Thong Song” chants for Bond, these two had a damn fine match. Stylistically, and size-wise, Air Wolf and Bond were very well matched and put on an extremely entertaining match that saw action inside and outside of the ring. Despite the small, quiet crowd, this match definitely got everyone going. Air Wolf is a crowd favorite wherever he goes and Bond did an excellent job of firing the small crowd up enough to make some noise. Good job, guys. In the end, Air Wolf hit Howl At The Moon to pick up another victory.

+LW3 w/ The Megans def. Tomahawk Kid
Tomahawk Kid was introduced as “The Man Who Personifies What Christmas Morning Face Looks Like” and you know what? I want to know the story behind that one. It’s been a few months since I last saw LW3 and like Tomahawk Kid, there has been a ton of improvement. This match got real rowdy, real quick with more than its fair share of outside the ring action that saw LW3 nearly land in my lap and Tomahawk Kid take his first(?) drink – it was a Bloody Mary, at 8pm on a Saturday. It’s a thing some people do, apparently. Once the action unspilled back into the ring, LW3 picked up the win with a Tornado DDT.

Instead of merchandise, the intermission brought us a push-up contest! 8 participants battled it out with intermittent tickling from The Dougs for a free rail drink and a chance at $20. As push-up contests go, it was pretty entertaining. Good job, everyone.

+Apostol 13 def. Kal Creed
Very solid match with good back and forth action that was hard to pay attention to due to the sheer volume of tequila shots happening right next to me. Apostol 13 landed a cheap shot below the belt while the ref was distracted to steal the victory.

+ Frog & Cat Connection def. The Dougs w/ The Megans
To be honest, this match was the whole reason I chose this show over the other three running on Saturday night, and it was well worth it. This match had EVERYTHING: double airplane spin, The Megans, big swing attempts, Wildcat beers, an impromptu dance party, and a sweet, sweet victory for JUSTICE after Frog & Cat put The Dougs away with a flying top rope cross body by Wildcat onto a Doug seated on Thunderfrog’s shoulders move that still needs a name, but rules.

One thought on “Results This Week: 07/17/17

  1. The Cat & Frog Connection finishing maneuver is called “The CATapult.” Get it? Because it has the word cat in it. Don’t ask me how I know this the memories are too painful


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