19961585_10155608895497664_4302644693704754869_nAWF presents Battle at the Body // The Body Training Shed – Kimball, MN

Results thanks to Boomer Scarborough

+ Jamal Killz def. Randy “The Rainmaker” Raynes

+ Patient X w/ Trixie def. “The Black Belt Conspiracy Theorist” Johnathon Jones w/ Nikki Heyman

+ Super Thunder Frog + “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon def. AWF Midwest Heritage Champion Nick “The Natural” Nelson + “The Minnesota Wrecker” Josh Price

+ Sterling Bond w/ Nikki Heyman def. Gerard Castle

AWF Heavyweight Championship Match
Jacob Savage def. Jaden Roller

20257958_10155496586088419_7277025972970437192_nSteel Domain Wrestling presents LIVE WRESTLING! // Trenda Memorial Park – Lonsdale, MN

Results thanks to Razzlin’ Rick of Minnesota Pro Wrestling. Check out his full review here.

+ ‘The Extreme Assassin’ Craven Knyte def.  Air Wolf

Tag Team Championship Match
3 Under Par (Chadwick Wentworth III + Brick McCarthy) def. The Fly Club (“Down Town” Petey Brown + Clay Cooper)

+ Malia Hosaka def. Sierra

+ Ricky Love def. Logan Legend

SDW Heavyweight Championship Match
Mitch Paradise def. Aaron Corbin w/ Ed Hellier

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