NAME: Tommy “The SpiderBaby” Saturday
YEARS PRO: 16 years
FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Trapdoor (Reverse Diamond Dust), Flytrap (Modified Muta Lock), Tangled Web (Modified Indian Death Lock)

The wrestling ring is his web, or so insists Tommy “The SpiderBaby” Saturday. Although recognized by his fans and his peers as one of the Midwest’s most proficient and varied technical wrestlers, The SpiderBaby won’t hesitate to employ underhanded tactics to achieve an in-ring advantage. In fact, en route to tainted victory, Tommy Saturday has wielded weapons as varied as fireballs, fire extinguishers, and everything in between. As controversial outside the ring as he is inside the ring, The SpiderBaby is recognized by OUT Magazine as wrestling’s first openly-gay warrior. This complicated sadist stands ready to re-earn his reputation as the World’s Wickedest Wrestler at the expense of anyone brave enough to step into his web.

Facebook – @thespiderbaby
Twitter – @thespiderbaby

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